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The Best Dining Room Decor Ideas

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The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, but the dining rooms are no less. They are a space where people gather to wine, dine and have a hearty conversation. Whether you like to throw parties every weekend or share a meal every day with your family, whatever be the occasion, it has to live up to it and create a cosy ambience. If your dining room does not have this vibe, with very few add-ons, you can create it. Before you go ahead to browse dining room products available on Wakefit, here are some ideas that can help you choose the right products. 

What is the Shape of your Table?

When choosing dining room decor ideas, it is essential to consider the table shape. Even if you are shopping for a new modern dining table, the shape depends on the size of the dining room. If you have a rectangular space, choose a long or rectangular table depending on the size availability. If the room is square or you have a small space, then opt for a round table. It can easily act as a centrepiece and make it look more appealing. If you want to add some natural elements to it, you can place some fresh seasonal flowers to make it eye-catching. check out the post right here

Add a Statement Vase

A traditional dining room looks classic with a chandelier but is it the only way to make it look gorgeous? No, various other statement pieces like the sculptural vase can give the same dramatic look to the dining table online purchase. The trend is to have bowls and vases as decorative details and is not just used to hold fruits or place fresh flowers. They have now become the staple and main feature of the dining room arrangement. One can also use centrepieces and statement vases together by placing them in varying heights and elevating the looks of the dining room. 

Use Floral Decor

Do not reserve the floral arrangements only for special occasions. You can include it in your everyday arrangement. Add some foliage or fresh flowers in the centre of the table or on shelves and window sills. Use large orchids in not just one but a cluster of vases to add more life to the dining room. If possible, plant orchids so that you can use the everyday blooms instead of buying cut flowers. If flowers are not your thing, you can use special tableware with various colours and patterns. Use a mixture of coloured crockery and glassware to ensure that it is informal and fun. 

Mix and Match Colours

When it comes to add-ons for dining rooms, there is no need to invest in costly pieces of furniture. Playing around with colours can also help elevate the looks of the space. For instance, you can pair blues, grey and bright green with a neutral colour scheme for your dining table with bench. Add some slipcovers to the chairs to give them a regal touch. For a more relaxed but refined look, add patterned trims to the monochrome curtains. 

Use a Long Runner

One of the best dining room decor ideas is playing around with the available space. If you have long tables, a runner can connect the ends of tables. On the other hand, if you have square tables, the runner adds grandeur. The only drawback is that these runners are not that suitable if you have a round table. Look for alternatives to the traditional fabric runners when looking for options. An interesting fact about runners is that you don’t always have to use fabric; you can also use a long garland of flowers on that wooden dining table design.

Use Fruits and Vegetables instead of Flowers.

Using floral decorations is not the only decor idea that one has when it comes to dining rooms. Since the dining room is all about food, consider using it to decorate the table. Instead of flowers, arrange fruits and vegetables like artichokes and colourful fruits that are bold and unexpected. Herbs are also a fun and interesting arrangement on the dinner table. Use herbs like basil or coriander leave as a deviation from the classical flower arrangements. Just a little out of the box thinking makes for some interesting choices.

Tablecloth or Not?

This is the big question on everyone’s mind whether to dress the table with a tablecloth or not. The answer is you can do it either way, depending on what you use as crockery. If you have colourful glassware and crockery, the linens can take a break. On the other hand, if you want something to complement your walls and the rest of the decor, add a tablecloth that acts as a base. 

So the above are some of the interesting dining table decor ideas to try out. These not only enhance the look of the space but are also pocket-friendly. Just by being a little creative and thinking out of the box, you can spruce up the space in no time. 

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