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Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease: How the Disease Progresses Stage by Stage

Stages of Alzheimer's Disease: How the Disease Progresses Stage by Stage

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Alzheimer's Disease

Have you heard of Alzheimer’s disease? Yes, it is the most common form of Dementia, i.e. the loss of cognitive functioning that cause memory loss, confusion and changes in personality. In the initial stage, people who suffer with disease will encounter only small amount of memory loss and confusion. 

But as days goes on, the symptoms will get more severe. To be honest, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Once the people with Alzheimer’s disease enter into the final stage, they may be unable to communicate with their loved ones and they don’t even who is around them and what is going on. It would be very sad to hear, but it’s the reality. 

If your parents, your loved one or someone you care is experiencing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, then knowing the signs of each stage will make yourself mentally be prepared to take care of them in the initial stage itself. 

Stage 1: Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease

Just like other diseases, changes in brain due to Alzheimer’s disease are also noticeable. As this phase is called pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease, this phase doesn’t any show any characteristic symptoms. Anyhow, it’s important to take your loved one for primary checkups regularly to detect the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s. 

Stage 2: Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) 

This is the very early stage of Alzheimer’s disease. They will start forgetting your names, where they want to go, etc. But they can still try to be active and social. However, these memory lapses will be more frequent. If you notice that your loved one is forgetting things very often, then you may be able to get the treatment sooner to slow down the progression of the disease. 

Stage 3: Mild Dementia 

This is the crucial stage wherein the Alzheimer’s disease brings noticeable changes, as it disrupts the person’s daily routine. Apart from remembering the names, they will also face difficulties in: 

  • Remembering the read material such as books, or novels 
  • Difficult in remembering and organizing plans and meetings 
  • Start to face more challenges in social settings and at work
So if your loved one is showing signs of dementia, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible. There are many Alzheimer’s and dementia centers that can provide the care your loved one need.
If you are looking for the best dementia care center near you, try using a search engine. You can type in “ dementia center near me” and find many results. The best place to start is by reading the reviews of the care centers. You will be able to find the right one for you by reading the reviews and comparing them.

Stage 4: Moderate Dementia

In this stage, people with Alzheimer face lot of challenges in their social and at work, because the damage of the brain often involves in other aspects of cognitive skills such as some difficulty in language, doing calculations and so on. During this stage – your loved one can still remember significant details of their life – their family, where they live in, etc. But they may experience some other confusion such as: 

  • What day it is
  • Risk of getting lost
  • Changes in sleeping pattern

Stage 5: Severe Dementia 

This is considered to the severe stage of Alzheimer disease, as this impact your loved one’s ability to manage their daily activities and they will be more dependent on others. In some cases, you may also see some kind of personality changes such as increased anxiety, hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. If you notice any behavioral changes with your loved one, then visit Alzheimer Treatment Center in Abu Dhabi to slow down the progress of Alzheimer disease.

How Alzheimer’s disease Progress? 

As there is no cure or medicine for Alzheimer disease, it usually follows progressive pattern. But the disease can progress quickly for some people and slowly in others. Diagnosing the disease early and starting the treatment early can slow down the progress and helps the people with Alzheimer disease to tackle their daily routine. 

Since the symptoms are not noticeable at the early stage, it’s advised to consult the doctors, if you feel that your loved one is forgetting the things very often. Alzheimer Specialist UAE will do a mental interview that uses several tests (puzzle test, memory test, word games, etc.) to find out how well the brain is functioning. 

As no one knows what causes Alzheimer disease – Genes, lifestyle, Social & Anxiety or Lifestyle, Alzheimer Specialist will also check the complete checkup on health history and family background to check out for some possible reasons of memory loss.

We all know that “Precaution is better than Cure”, but when it comes to Alzheimer disease, even experts don’t know how to prevent it. On other side, many Alzheimer Specialist recommends to protect the brain’s health by following a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Bottom Line, 

People with Alzheimer disease are just like kids. When we were kids, they took the responsibility to take care of us. And now it’s our turn, we need to take the responsibility! If you want to discuss your loved one’s mental health with experts, contact American Center UAE, the Alzheimer Specialist in UAE today!

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