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Reiss Titan – How Did Fishing rod Reiss have a big Titan Form?

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Huge Titans

The Large Titan is really a character within the Manga Anime series referred to as Attack on Titan(AOT). It’s also referred to as “colossal titan.” The large titan is among the nine titans and can serve as the main villain from the first three number of Attack on Titan. You are able to because of its gigantic size and absolute control of steam emission.


The Large titan emits steam through its body in addition to exercises control of blast during transformation. In some way, the colossal titan first surfaced around 845. Abilities/Characteristics of enormous Titan or Colossal Titan

The large titan has incredible abilities and characteristics. Let’s take a look at them one by one.


Steam Emission

As mentioned earlier, the colossal titan has absolute control of the amount of steam that it is titan form could emit. Typically, most Titans generate steam through wounds. Their physiques vaporize and turn steam after getting a deathly blow. The large Titan could generate just as much steam as you possibly can to scare people from its nape.

The large Titan can utilize steam-emitting power in several ways. First, pressure and intensity which comes from producing a lot of steam burns up and drive away anyone in closeness towards the Huge Titan that isn’t set up.


However, when the Colossal Titan is mounted on a person, heat will sear them in the Titan’s whim.

Within the real feeling of it, the overexertion of the ability harms the Titan. For example, it may reduce muscle tissue until its skeletal structure becomes prominent.

In special conditions, the large Titan could vaporize its system in a go and vanish immediately. In some way, the consumer becomes unavoidably vulnerable without any way to guard against an autumn from the thin air in which the Titan was previously. However, the consumer can assuage this disadvantage by donning an omni-directional gear (ODM gear).  The apparatus drives excellent mobility when facing the Titan during combat

A great example is following the Huge Titan demonstrated in Trost. It released a lot of steam to repel Jaeger from the nape.


Explosive Transformation

Would you occur to know? Despite the fact that all Titans produce vast amounts of steam and, the large Titan has upgraded. In other words, it may engineer the power generated throughout transformation to create various effects.

For instance, when Bertholdt faced Trost, his transformation generated a wind blast. The blast put some cadets within the wall.

However, Bertholdt created a sum of one’s similar to a little nuclear device during combat at Shiganshina District.  The power gutted part of the district and hang the environment ablaze. It wiped out an enormous quantity of Scout Regiment officials.

In some way, the transformation also produced a sizable mushroom, boulders, and dirt. Arielt utilized the explosive transformation to expunge almost all the Marleyan naval fleet at Liberio inside a damaging explosion. The experience created energy waves and broken the main harbour.



The Large Titan is well known because of its magnificent size. It’s 60 meters sufficient to squint over the top Walls. Its molecular weight enables it to possess massive physical strength. However the real point is the fact that its large size steadies its movements. In other words, it moves rather gradually.

However, the large Titan is powerful enough to devastate the outer gate from the Wall Maria having a quick kick. It may toss the entire structures in mid-air because it permitted Eren Yeager to glide in the tip from the Wall Maria.

In addition to this? How big the Colossal Titan’s arms isn’t similar to the remainder of its body. Within this situation, this means that when compared to lower a part of its body, its upper part has lesser strength.

Armin also utilizes the large Titan’s immense strength and size to eliminate the Marleyan ships by rubber stamping in it after his transformation.


How Did Fishing rod Reiss have a big Titan Form?

Fishing rod Reiss is also referred to as “Lord Reiss.” He was the monarch from the Walls in the year 845 to 850. Within the real feeling of it, Rod’s primary goal ended up being to return a stolen Titan to his family. He intended to do this by making certain that his daughter (Historia) eat Eren Yeager.


Human Form

As Historia, Fishing rod would be a petite person. But when compared with Historia, he’d short black hair. Fishing rod seemed to be slightly overweight.

Fishing rod was always attired within the clothes of the prominent figure. Obviously, he was. He’d put on a shirt having a pullover chest, then pants and dress footwear. All his attires are usually the black and white-colored colour combo. In some instances, it may be white-colored alone.

However, Fishing rod wears a shirt, a pant, along with a lengthy coat during Titan rituals and family conferences.



Fishing rod appears to possess a calm and picked up personality. But simultaneously, he frequently looks slightly dejected and worried.  Fishing rod is definitely an intelligent and wise person. It’s apparent in how he spoke about when his brother (Uri) and the daughter (Frieda) guaranteed and lost the Founding Titan.

Fishing rod stored an amount mind through the time with Ackerman, Historia, and Eren. He even comported themself well after Ackerman grabbed him in the throat and attempted to slit the second.

However, when Historia squashed the serum, Fishing rod grew to become irritated and erratic. He grew to become devastated cried once the syringe smashed into smithereens and licked the serum on the ground.


Transformation right into a Huge Titan Form: How?

Fishing rod might have changed into an enormous Titan diversely. It may be a  mixture of several factors. As mentioned earlier, Fishing rod had consumed the serum.

But would you occur to know? The serum was created particularly for Historia. Fishing rod licked it from the floor rather of inoculating it into his blood stream. We all know he didn’t take in the entire dosage. However, he’s still part of the Royal Family. This means he shared the smallest affinity using the abnormal or distinctive Titans.

Essay-reviewer.com has mentioned that abnormal Titans distinctively arrived at existence. They emerged simply because they unsuccessful to eat the best volume of Titan serum. The abnormal Titans showcase distinct traits than typical traits.


For example, most likely Fishing rod didn’t take in the serum properly. By doing this, he grew to become a definite Titan who had been much bigger and bent in poor condition in comparison with other Titan breeds.

Fishing rod am popular due to his huge size. His appearance doesn’t compare to his human form aside from his masculine structure since many Titans are. Reiss expanded to begin becoming among the largest Titans ever with 120 meters tall.  In other words, he was two times as large as the large Titan, that is 60 meters tall.


Reiss was noted for its skeletal structure almost all his bones were visible.  He does not have a face as 1 / 2 of his mind had deformed because of friction from the ground. However, Fishing rod could restore his face if he stopped dragging his mind on the floor.

Oddly enough, Rod’s body displayed a particular structure and style similar to a earthworm. He could stretch and contract his torso just like a earthworm.

Such as the Huge Titan, his immense size slowed his movements and produces a lot of heat. Heat he released am intense it had become difficult to go near him without getting scalded.


Titan Shifters

Fishing rod received an enormous Titan serum. The storyline enables us to understand the serum could change Historia right into a strong titan.


The issue arises, who’re the most powerful titans?

Those are the shifters. Because it is, if they’re unconscious, they might become pure titans. However they cannot transform right into a Huge Titan. Fishing rod didn’t think it had become a great idea to limit themself to some 60-meter titan type. Therefore we think that he changed into the distinct Huge Titan to that particular finish.


Why Did Fishing rod Reiss are a Huge Titan?

Possibly, many people believe it had become due to how Reiss consumed. But let’s view it from another position. Firstly, odds are that it hadn’t been how he consumed the serum. Rather, it had been what Reiss ingested. He’d consumed probably the most effective Titan serum.

One more reason hinged around the styles of self-discipline, ambitions, and goals that created an essential part from the story. We’re confident that Reiss were built with a strong need to become something which may help him to attain his goals. However, he grew to become a Titan within the real feeling of it as being expanded both in mental and physical strength due to his ambition.

Everyone knows that Reiss belongs to the Royal Family. Within this situation, there is a certain way of measuring influence within the Ymir pEople.

We feel the royal people that don’t have the Founding Titan possess a strong relationship using the Ymir and all of those other elders. So, Fishing rod may have convinced these to lead him to effective and influential.



Reiss ingested a liquid substance and the body expanded. The standard titans are people who ingested the standard titan serum. By doing this, they’ve the typical size. In a nutshell, whenever you take in the titan serum, you could have and explore certain abilities and abilities. Reiss was accepted the large Titan since it would be a distinct breed. Since he desired to achieve his goals no matter what, he increased a lot to complete them.

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