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Questions to Ask Your Builder When Buying a New House

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When checking out new houses for sale, you may have a lot of questions. The last thing you want to do is go in blind and lose all your hard-earned money on a poorly-constructed home. A good builder can work with you to design and build your dream house. You will need to ask the right questions from the get-go. Here are ten questions to ask your builder when buying a new house:

1.    How Long Have You Been in the Industry?

You should ask this question because it lets you know if the builder is qualified and experienced enough to take on the project. Reliable builders will let their past projects do the talking for them. They will be willing to share a list of clients they’ve worked with in the past. Their website is a good place to look for work examples. If you decide to tour the finished houses, note down their overall designs and exterior quality. Your builder might already be familiar with the style you’re looking for.

2.    What Makes You Different from Other Builders?

This is a great question to ask if you’re torn between several builders. You should know what sets them apart. A good builder will demonstrate that they have unique abilities that will help you to get a good-quality home. You can ask about the quality of the materials they use and the average time they take to complete a build.

3.    How Many Projects Are You Handling Right Now?

Too many projects will prevent the builder from spending quality time with your project. You will want to work with someone who is available to meet with and can focus on your home. The builder should be working on other projects but have enough leeway to give individual time to each build.

4.    Who Will Be in Charge of My Home Once the Project is Underway?

Different companies have different rules for managing a construction site. Some companies have their sites run by the main office, while others elect superintendents to manage the sites. It’s good to ask your builder how your new construction would be run to avoid any surprises down the road. Make sure that they will be involved in the process to help you communicate with the construction team.

5.    How Many Similar Houses Have You Built in the Past?

This is a good question to ask because it lets you know if the builder has enough experience constructing new houses for sale in the style you want. A builder who focuses on duplexes may not be a good fit if you’re looking for a bungalow. Make sure the builder either is either a master builder or specializes in the specific style you want. Some builders will be skilled at a variety of build styles. You can look at the previous work to check.

6.    Do You Offer Any Warranty?

Some builders provide limited warranty on their work either within the purchase agreement or sales contract. Others might issue it as a separate document, so you will want to ask for clarification. Poor builders may choose not to offer any warranty and instead lure you with an incentive with the hope of closing the deal quickly.

7.    What Mistakes or Pitfalls Should I Avoid in this Process?

With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, you want a builder who will be transparent with you. Ask them to frankly point out any possible pitfalls with buying a new construction home in that area. If you have any concerns during the process, you can ask your builder to clarify or work with you to come to a solution.

8.    What Happens If the Completion Date is Not Met?

Builders are good at staying on schedule, but things don’t always go according to plan. Extreme weather, shipping adjustments, and labor shortages are all problems that could potentially delay a project’s completion. You need to know how the builder is prepared to tackle any inconveniences that might pop up along the way.

9.    How Is the Final Price Determined, and Will I Need to Pay Extra Fees for Modification Requests?

It’s good to see the full breakdown of costs ahead of time. You should know how much the materials cost compared to labor, how much of the budget is an estimate, and whether change orders have an impact on the final price. If your builder cannot give you an exact number, ask for a rough estimate.

10.    How Much Time Do I Have to Make Changes to the Original Plan?

You might change your mind on things like cabinetry or flooring, or even bigger things like one larger bedroom or two smaller ones. It’s good to know the deadline for requesting upgrades or changes so that you’re not left frustrated. If you decide that you dislike an aspect of your build after it is installed, you may have to pay more to change it.

A Good Builder Understands New Houses for Sale Inside-Out

A skilled builder will be prepared to answer any of your questions. They understand the nuts and bolts of new houses for sale and are always willing to share their knowledge. If you are looking for a customized home, work with a builder to get what you want.

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