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Popular Food Trends of 2022

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Food Trends

Today, trend predicting is a unique kind of tradition, even if it can be shaky in the most challenging of years. Predicting anything like the weather an hour from now, whether the butcher will be open, whether it is cooler to eat shokupan or sourdough has been something people talk about as a habit.

At the same time, the pandemic has removed so much fluff from dining that new approaches in ingredient utilisation, cuisine, and restaurant experiences are presented to us. And because these changes have resulted from the reflection and grace in difficult circumstances, the important changes in 2022 may be more significant than just mere trends.

They could be long-term shifts that will make cooking at home and eating out better, richer, and more connected for everyone. Here are some trends that made it to 2022:

1. Extremely low waste

It’s no longer enough to prepare carrot top pesto. The rising expense of food, the shakiness of supply networks, and the need to avoid a climatic disaster will push chefs to go to great lengths to reduce food wastage. 

It’s good business, sends a fantastic message, and chefs find that it inspires them to be more creative. Frontrunners collect food waste and used items such as coffee chaff, mango stones, and beetroot peel and transform them into meals and beverages.

2. Frozen pizza dough

Pizza dough baked from scratch on-site might be tasty, but it’s also time-consuming and can have a lot of hidden costs. It can be difficult to locate folks who have the enthusiasm required to make superb pizza dough.

Making quality pizza dough demands a precise process and a kind of dedication that is needed for the maker to focus on the simplest and most subtle of details, as well as the patience required to enable the dough to rest. These might make it difficult to recruit the right staff, and in high-turnover locations, training can be challenging.

On the other hand, these Covid-19 years have allowed more innovation. There are available pizza dough distributors that can deliver frozen pizza dough to your business. This way, you can be more creative with your preference and ingredients of choice to save your business time and money.

3. Evolution of technology

At the start of the epidemic, companies attempted to integrate pandemic-friendly web portals into their brick-and-mortar operations. As we emerge through the other side, we’ll see a continuous readiness to experiment with technological innovations.

Robots will undertake cooking and serving as they are already reducing staff shortages as we speak. Takeaway will get more aerial. QR codes will become more frequent for ordering and payment as they become more common, but new applications, such as augmented reality menus, will emerge as well.

4. The new nuts are seeds

Chefs will include edible seeds in more meals as they have been looking for the following factors in seed consumption:

  • flavour
  • texture 
  • novelty 
  • flexibility
  • possible health advantages. 

Seeds will be sprouted, crushed, fermented, combined with spices, and simply dispersed. Although pumpkin, hemp, and sunflower will be the most popular, Australian chefs will venture beyond wattle seeds to embrace other locals such as kurrajong. Increased seed use will be driven by closer linkages with the land and plant life cycles.

These new and exciting food trends will surely change consumer’s perspectives in the years to come.

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