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Pinterest video downloader – Is installing videos from Pinterest legal?

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Pinterest video downloader

Heatfeed Pinterest video downloader is really a free application which makes it easy to download  Pinterest videos from Pinterest. If you notice a relevant video on Pinterest that you simply loved and desired to reserve it for your collection. You might now do precisely by using the Pinterest video downloader.

Key features

Must check for an additional features:

  • The Pinterest application and website both include video download options.
  • When you come across an incredible video online, you instinctively wish to reserve it. Most websites, however, wouldn’t permit you to achieve this since it will lower visitors to their website. Consequently, you’ll need to start trying to find a website where one can download Pinterest videos, as well as then, you’ll encounter a spammy website filled with adverts simply awaiting your a single click.
  • It enables you to definitely Save Pinterest videos and music from a number of social networking platforms and websites, that is a game-changer for consumers since it enables these to address all their video installing problems on a single page. In the same manner that The search engines do it.
  • The website or application may be used to download music and audio. So, regardless of what device you’re using, you can download music and audio.
  • Our Pinterest Downloader has a Chrome add-on. It arrives with a Firefox and Chrome extension that allows you to just click on download and also the video will download with no need to copy.
  • With only one click, you are able to download videos without or with a watermark.
  • You may download videos in a number of formats by using it.
  • Downloads which are encrypted.
  • Available for download anytime.


How do i download Pinterest videos and save these to my computer?

To download any Pinterest video in the Pinterest website, simply follow these simple procedures. I’ve also made a summary of all of them below.

  1. 1. See your browser and duplicate the hyperlink to the Pinterest video in which you’re interested. The look below helps guide you to get it done properly.
  2. 2. Paste the hyperlink into our Pinterest downloader. Should you not understand, check out the look below.
  3. 3. In the drop-lower menu, pick the yellow “Download” button.
  4. 4. All that’s left to complete now’s pick the format by which it’s available.

You’ve learned how you can download any video in the Pinterest website, congratulations.


How do i save Pinterest videos to my phone in the best possible way?

We’ll make use of the Pinterest application this time around since there are already instructions regarding how to save the film hile using website. Simply stick to the simple instructions below to download any video in the Pinterest application.

  1. 1. Open the Pinterest video and click on the 3 dots at the end. The look here is obtained from the Pinterest application.
  2. 2. Select copy to repeat the hyperlink.
  3. 3. Paste the copied link in to the https://y2mate.me/pinterest-video-downloader downloader and click on the yellow download button to start.
  4. 4. Pick the format you need to save the file in.

Now you can download and save files from both Pinterest application and also the website.




1.Is installing videos from Pinterest safe?

Yes, since it is free from advertisements and trackers, that are utilized by almost every other web site to steal data, it’s totally dependable.


2.Is installing videos from Pinterest legal?

It’s absolutely legal to download Pinterest videos unless of course you’re doing this for any business reason, by which situation you’ll face a copyright strike, that is no nice factor.



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