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How do you know if advertising on Instagram is right for your business

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Are you interested in getting into Instagram ads? From clothing fashion to the beauty sector, and from the world of fitness to that of travel, advertising on Instagram can prove to be a fabulous multiplier of visibility and this fact of traffic for certain particularly photogenic and “trendy” sectors of activity (format: image, photo, video, etc.). This young social network with a very targeted demographic, on the other hand, could turn out to be unsuitable for other products and services.

The best way to define the potential added value of Instagram for your business is still to test the platform! Many tools are available to you to measure with great finesse the performance of the free and paid publications of your account. By turning to a social media agency, you will also be able to design entirely tailor-made advertising campaigns, in the most suitable formats for Instagram (marketing stories, images, videos, carousel, etc.), while maximizing your ROI.

These few tips will help you determine if ads on Instagram are for your brand, your audience or not!


  • Determine the sociological profile of your clientele
  • Identify the bestselling products and services on Instagram
  • Entrust market research to a social media agency
  • Measure the performance of your ads
  • Measure the performance of your unsponsored posts
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    • What are the benefits of advertising on Instagram for businesses?
    • How do you know if advertising on Instagram is right for your business?
    • What are the different ad formats available on Instagram?

Determine the sociological profile of your clientele

Unlike more general social networks offering a more balanced distribution of age groups such as Facebook and LinkedIn, Instagram is characterized by a predominantly young demographic. In France, nearly 70% of Generation Z Internet users (i.e., young people aged 15 to 24) are registered on the platform of SEO for Journalists.

The age group of 11-24 years alone represents nearly half of the users (42%), the other half being made up of people aged 25 to 49 (41%).

As a result, the first condition for successful advertising on Instagram is to verify that its target matches the audience of the platform, and therefore to optimize your own customer knowledge. Products and services aimed at a young, urban, and style-conscious clientele have the best chance of capturing the attention of Instagram users as they browse the social network.

The use of a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software appears in particular as an important prerequisite for better knowing the average profile of your customers and their expectations.

Targeted advertising: many possible criteria

 Even if your typical customer seems far from the compulsive Instagrammer, know that the platform allows you to reserve your ad for a specific audience by age group, gender, interests or geographical area. What considerably refine the distribution to better reach your ideal audience and thus your objectives.

Identify the bestselling products and services on Instagram

Is your industry bankable on Instagram? This will necessarily be the case if you are trading any of the top 5 bestselling products on this platform:

1) Clothing fashion: from the light and original summer dress to the winter coats offering the most comfortable down, the fashion universe is entirely in its place on Instagram. It will be easy to stage your products and creations with stylized photos.

2) Jeweler: Creativity is on the side of jeweler, with products ranging from the most authentic handicrafts to jeweler pieces worthy of hanging around the necks of the princesses and great fortunes of this world.

3) Cosmetics and skincare: Makeup tutorials, bold lipstick colors and total looks are generating heavy attention on Instagram. The cosmetics and beauty sector are particularly driven by many influencers who can generate immediate enthusiasm for a brand or product.

4) Health: the platform prohibits advertising for certain health products, including of course drugs, but also food supplements, protein bars and other vitamin supplements. However, it is still possible to praise the merits of healthy food products or health accessories such as a pedometer for example.

5) Interior decoration: designer lighting, comfortable leather sofas or simple wall stickers… Home decoration accessories feature prominently in the ranking of the best-selling products on the platform.

These different sectors of activity are followed very closely by others such as fitness accessories, gastronomy, “do it yourself” (DIY) crafts, eco-products and works of art.

Instagram Shopping: what is it?

 Instagram Shopping is a feature offered by the platform that allows visitors to your profile to buy the products highlighted in your publications on your page. Your profile page is then transformed into a real e-commerce page and allows visitors to select and add references, in particular according to their budget, in their basket.

Entrust market research to a social media agency

 Are you unsure about the profitability of an Instagram ads campaign? Does the cost scare you? Using a specialized agency can help you determine if you are making the right choice or if other communication channels would be better suited to your marketing needs. An Instagram ads agency has extensive expertise in the various social networks concerning:

  • The advertising formats available and their respective advantages (carousel format, etc.);
  • Possible targeting criteria based on your audience and discrimination of the target audience to integrate into your campaigns;
  • The differences in “codes” and modes of communication on each platform;
  • The types of content to prioritize (text, video, photo, image, etc.).

This will allow you to do some real market research to determine if investing in an Instagram ad campaign is the best option.

The same agency will then be able to assist you effectively, if necessary, in the design and online publication of your campaign, your ads (objective, format, cost, action button, offer, content, targeting, etc.).

Measure the performance of your ads

In most cases, and unless you’re in an industry that’s already extremely competitive on the platform, a first trial ad on Instagram won’t require a huge budget. Remember in particular that you can define a maximum daily amount for your campaign in your ad manager. A bidding system will then determine your positioning according to the target you are trying to reach.

Instagram is natively equipped with an advertising manager which will offer you, like a guide, a certain number of key indicators and metrics to measure the real performance of your advertising campaign.

 Once the tool is launched, all you need to do is fill in the name of the campaign you want to track. You will then have access to a series of tabs offering you:

  • Performance data (number of views, number of clicks, number of conversions, etc.);
  • Demographic data (targets reached);
  • Placement data (nature of the advertising placements selected for your ad);
  • Distribution data (number of impressions of your ad, dates and time slots for the distribution of your ads, etc.).

By crossing and analyzing this different information, you can learn a lot from your first campaign, then optimize it in order to increase your Marketing for Artists and its visibility, your traffic and improve its profitability in order to achieve your objective.

Measure the performance of your unsponsored posts

In addition to a paid advertising campaign, it is always a good idea to take care of the classic publications of your profile (text, photos, videos, Stories, etc.) in order to generate increasing traffic and gradually build the loyalty of your community. Objective = to appear in the newsfeed of your future potential customers.

In lack of inspiration for the creation of your future publication? Your newsfeed is full of posts from brands. Do not hesitate to scrutinize these contents!

To study the performance of your publications, an essential action, the best reflex is to first migrate your Instagram account to an Instagram Business account (if you haven’t already done so). This action is completely free and achievable in a few clicks. The main benefit of the Business account is that it gives you access to the Instagram Insights analytics tool.

Don’t have an Instagram Business account yet? All you have to do is implement this recommendation ????

The latter will automatically offer you, in the “Statistics” tab of your profile, detailed information on your various non-sponsored publications, including the following metrics:

  • User comments;
  • Number of impressions;
  • Interactions;
  • Number of “Likes”;
  • Number of shares;
  • Number of profile visits
  • Number of subscribers;
  • Number of clicks to the website.

As with the advertising component, it is obviously possible to entrust this part of your web media communication to a community management agency, which will take charge of the design of your publications as well as the performance monitoring for each publication.

Undisputed realm of fashion, style and luxury, Instagram stands out as a dream communication tool for well-targeted business sectors. For others, the platform can nevertheless reveal unsuspected qualities in order to reach a young audience that is not easily accessible via traditional media.

Depending on the nature of your products or services, the profile of your customer base and many other factors, an Instagram ads campaign may prove more or less judicious than an advertisement launched on other platforms and social networks.

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