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New Furniture Fulfillment Centre in Town – Buy Luxury Furniture Online!

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Say hello to the new furniture fulfillment center in town – Zior – where you can buy furniture online effortlessly!

Zior, a new virtual storefront on the marketplace, offers a wide range of categories of brand new furniture. Zior’s website has over 1,000 furniture and home décor products, with intentions to slowly strategically expand its products’ collection and categories accessible in the upcoming years.

The company sells chic, trendy, and highest-quality furniture that makes your space looks aesthetically pleasing and fits right within your budget. Buy that’s not it. Zior has something outstanding to offer. You can buy customized furniture from us! That’s correct! Whether it’s bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, or study room furniture, you can decorate your space however you want with whichever furniture you want.

“We are dedicated to offering our whole collection to customers fast and effortlessly. We make furniture to make your lives much more comfortable and stylish. Having quality furniture warehoused near our clients gives us a significant competitive edge.”

To further improve your experience, Zior also offers an in-house delivery service. Zior team is always available to serve its customers. Zior delivery trucks staffed with employees engage directly with customers to solve common inquiries on the spot, like shipping alternate product sizes or colors. Currently operational in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Noida/Ghaziabad – Zior’s in-house delivery improves the customer experience while reducing average delivery times by as much as two days.

Zior is committed to providing additional choices to the thousands of clients who visit our website every day. We are excited to welcome our limited edition, sophisticated furniture collection to our online marketplace. The collection adds to the selection of furniture and home décor accessible to our online consumers, joining hundreds of other products available for purchase on the website.

Let’s look at the products available – 

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is the one place where you feel at peace after a long hard day. You want to be however you want, super comfortable and relaxed. And what is going to help make you feel that way? Good furniture. That’s right! You want an excellent double bed that’s spacious enough for you. Enough storage cabinet space to keep your belongings in place, a nice bedside table too, for small things, and so on. Not just the big stuff, but little things like a cushion, etc., also matter. And you can get all that on Zior.

You will find everything that you need to make your bedroom look amazing and as per your taste. Any size bed you want, storage, table, or something else. Zior’s got it all.

Living Room Furniture

Do you like being a host or inviting people over for small fun gatherings? It could be anything, watching a cricket match, having dinner or lunch, relatives getting together, etc. Well, where do they sit when they arrive? Living room! And who’d want that one room which gets the most attention to not look nice? Nobody!

Well, we have got you covered. From chic sofa sets to coffee table and chairs, Zior has everything that would help you make your living room look classy and uptight. Enough to impress anyone that enters your home and sees it.

Not only would the guests feel at ease and comfortable, but you as well. After all, it’s your home, and the living room is where all the fun happens. You hang out there, watch TV, sit on Sofa for hours, lazing around (yes, we’ve all done that.) So, with Zior, you can buy living room furniture online that’d make your life a little better.

Dining Room Furniture

Aren’t our lives busy enough that sometimes we don’t even get to have proper meals with our families? But when we do, after a long day of working, it’s over the dining table, eating and catching up on each other’s lives. Moreover, dinner parties, friends get togethers, and memories also happen in that room. And for all that to happen, of course, you need a nice dining table and chairs.

Zior has all kinds and sizes of dining tables. So, no matter what your family size is or how many people you like to invite, we have got you covered with sophisticated and affordable dining room furniture.

Study Room Furniture

When you’re working from home or working on something related to your studies, of course, you need a quiet space where you can focus. Especially after covid when many companies are still following work from home culture. If that’s the case, then you must have meetings. And well, you can’t really attend a meeting sitting in a noisy room where anybody can walk in at any time.

To be able to properly work and complete the tasks efficiently, you need a space with proper furniture and ambiance, and Zior can help you create that space. Buy study room furniture online to keep your things in one place – your books, documents, and more. Get a table to work on and a comfortable chair to sit in, while working.

Why Choose Zior to Buy Furniture Online?

At Zior, we take our customers’ needs very seriously. A dedicated staff works hard to find inventive and imaginative new furniture designs that properly match the demands of today’s homeowners. We carefully choose the furniture based on modern design aesthetics, which is why we offer furniture in a range of styles like classic, sophisticated, stylish, and many more. Buy high-quality furniture online for your home without worrying about overpaying because our prices are best described as reasonable. Our study tables are a terrific place to start when putting together a home office. Do you need a coffee table in your living room? Zior is on your side. Select from a large range of furnishings for your house.

Here are some other exciting benefits of getting furniture from Zior – 

  • Express Shipping

Get your ordered furniture home Delivered within Four to Five Days

  • Free Installation

Furniture is Installed by Zior Team at The Time of Delivery

  • No Cost EMI

Pay Upfront or Opt for our No Cost EMI option

  • Built to Last

Solid Wood Furniture Crafted According to your demands, with Passion

Check our website to buy furniture online. If you have any questions or demands regarding furniture, feel free to contact our team and we’ll get you sorted! 

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