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NBA 2K22 Review – Best Basketball Game

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NBA 2K22 Review

The build for NBA 2K22 was like no other. With 2K seemingly pushing the bar in terms of how late the company released information on a game, it really got people worried. Despite all that, 2K’s second release on next-gen consoles has far exceeded expectations. And it has quite possibly become the most fun NBA 2K title we’ve played in years.




Now one thing you can always expect from a 2K franchise is to accurately represent the look and feel of NBA broadcasts. NBA 2K22 delivers again.

There’s no wow factor like Next Generation 2k21 in this department for good reason, but minor changes and additions are everywhere in the game’s presentation. From updated halftime shows, lots of updated player models, with a few glaring omissions, more diverse crowds in their outfits than ever before, and even little things like changing the bug in the score are big moves.


But the most important element, of course, is the added element of adding a public address (PA) announcer to each team. In my opinion, this addon shines even more when you play one of the classic teams on Play Now. However, it’s great no matter the situation. As a Knicks fan, hearing Mike Walczewski in-game adds so much realism to the situation that’s packed from the point of broadcast, that you can sometimes forget it’s just a video game.


NBA 2K22 Game-Play


Gameplay-wise, I have to give a round of applause to the development team for the work they’ve done for the defensive side of the ball in NBA 2K22. Though I will say, like after NBA 2K18 aka “The Year Of The Blow By” they fixed too much in 19 so it’s almost impossible to dodge it in front of someone. Something similar happens here with respect to 1v1 with the ball and in capturing the ball and defending without letting the defender breathe at times.


They did, however, fix some of my biggest complaints about next-gen NBA2K last year. First, the defense in the paint wasn’t very good… Defensive, where players can drive recklessly and are rewarded with a touchdown no matter where the defender is positioned in the paint.


Well, even turning on contact immersion is over now that you can master the shot scale guy to constantly have it installed at home instead of leaving it in the game. And aside from defenders turning fast and blocking you or sending your shot to the 10th row real quick, you really have to come up with a game plan if you want to consistently perform well once you get into the paint. This is exactly what it should be! If you were the kind of player who thought the game was over last year, it just doesn’t work anymore. You have to play smarter this year so you can use 2K22 MT to buy superstar players to make your team more perfect. If you want to enhance team spirit, Buy NBA 2K MT for team uniforms is a wise choice.


As far as shooting goes, I thought the counter placement would be annoying, but it’s fine after a game or two. Good thing this is not a 2k21 situation where no one could shoot early and they had to correct it. But what they really focused on was that if you were constantly looking for high-quality wide shots, you’d take them, and if you took dumb shots, you’d lose them.


It’s a simple concept that hasn’t been shot in 2K in years, and so far I feel like they’ve been true to their word on it. I’m not a fan of players who barely miss when they’re wide open, but with the way defense is played, I’m going to cancel that trade-off.


The ease of dribbling is also a welcome addition, although it’s a bit more challenging, the added complexity was fun to figure out as we’re all trying to find different combos to pull off after the limitations of the last couple of years.


The only thing I can’t believe has changed in terms of gameplay is that quick tag and contact games don’t fly anymore. Before pressing the D-pad, and then press the corresponding power button. But now you are literally scrolling through the game, messing up the flow of the game as you have to stop in the middle of the game. So you can forget about trying to get to the plays on different pages, as it will be playtime for all three when you get there.


NBA 2K22 GAME MODES: MyCareer, Features and More


The great advantage of MyCareer was the increase in the number of personnel in each club. I love how deep it is and the advantages you can get over other teams in the league depending on which department you put your money into.


For some, it might be annoying because we’re not on a shiny new cruise ship, but I’ll start by saying that bringing the story mode into MyCareer and the city was a great idea. I was surprised how honestly the city felt in the body. It’s like being in a legitimate RPG. There’s plenty to do on the map, whether you want to keep it strictly in the ballpark or get out of it with a focus on your personal brand, or a bit of both. City wasn’t as well received as they’d hoped in 2K21, but it’s starting to see its public vision come to fruition.


2K continues to raise the bar for their MyTeam mode and this year is no exception. The level of customization has been raised a bit with the ability to create our own shoes in-game and mix and match our jerseys wherever you like. 


The new card rating feature falls into the popular business card world, as you will receive more capital for using a highly rated card, and you can even sell it for more on the market. It’s such a cool concept that I can see every MyTeam-esque style stealing their own game.




There are also two new modes:


Where you can prevent your opponents from lasting more than 100 points against you, you will get better prizes; My team’s self-explanatory draft. After introducing seasons last year, there are so many things you can do in MyTeam that it could be the version that pits them against card collecting modes once and for all.


After introducing a detailed WNBA mode with The W in NBA 2K21, 2K Sports doubled down on MyWNBA. The mode is a great show for WNBA fans and goes a long way in adding more legitimacy to the league.


NBA 2K22 Final Words:


I am impressed with how good NBA 2K22 is. The gameplay is the best in years, and the groundbreaking MyCareer mode has taken huge strides this year to finally realize its vision.


Playing NBA 2K22 honestly reminds me of when I fell in love with the series with 2K1. There is enough to do that, no matter what type of player you are, you will find hours of entertainment.

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