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Kids’ Love for Outdoor Fun is Rekindled by the Gel Blaster

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The typical child of today can usually rattle off a long list of their favorite shows and games because digital media and the internet have become such integral parts of our life—and for babies born in this decade, their introduction to the online world can be as early as months into their lives. However, is screen time even beneficial for developing minds? The jury’s still out on whether or not kids should be on their iPads, but there’s no doubt that old-school outdoor play—especially with friends—is the best way to have fun. The Gel Blaster is the latest in toy technology to get kids and their families outside and have the best time of their lives.

The Gel Blaster is a toy blaster unlike all the others—it is easy to use and comfortable for anyone, including smaller kids, which has been made possible through water-based gel pellets. As the Gellets evaporate as soon as they come in contact with any physical object, there’s minimal mess—and it’s pain-free, too, so even the youngest kids can join in.

After a family vacation, founder Colin Guinn found that many airsoft companies had pushed their rifles into shooting gel balls after the legal ban of airsoft. He loved the product but knew it was too close to blasters to bring to market in the US. Still, he loved the kind of eco-friendly, outdoor fun it helped to facilitate among his kids.

Being a tech enthusiast, he had a distinct advantage that allowed him to develop a one-of-a-kind, environment-friendly toy blaster. He is the founder and CEO of Guinn Partners, a consulting firm for autonomous robotics and cutting-edge technologies. The Gel Blaster was built by a team of engineers from Guinn Partners who have worked on drones since the creation of commercial drones in North America. The company thus created a new category of toys.

The Gel Blaster is available in different colors and can be customized with different accessories according to the consumer’s needs. It is comfortable to use and is changing the way kids play by keeping their heads in the game with customizable colors and accessories. The Gel Blaster is functionally designed and comes with a rechargeable battery that can last 4–5 hours with a full charge time of an hour. 

Gel Blaster has proven to be a hit with families who put a priority on outdoor play. “Gel Blaster is displacing Foam Darts, Paintball, & Airsoft as the introductory toy to get people blasting. With no clean-up required, we’re an eco-friendly version of everyone’s favorite childhood play experience. Gel Blaster is brand new as a category. With a million other blasters on the market, we’re looking to be the leaders in high-tech, safe toys that everyone can easily enjoy,” said Cami Croasdale, director of marketing.

Cami further shared that getting the Gel Blaster to be distributed nationwide hasn’t been easy. “We face a lot of opposition from more established brands and companies looking to push down a newer brand and new category. We’re showing what a kickstarter can do in such a short time if you truly believe in your product and your mission,” she said.

But what started out as an idea is now finally available nationwide—and in Canada. Not only does Gel Blaster sell limited internationally, but they have also partnered with Walmart exclusively, to sell a one of a kind product line called Starfire. This glow in the dark blaster includes phosphorus infused Gellets that glow for 100 feet. You are able to keep your game play going from the day time into the night sky. 

Going full steam ahead on their mission to get families to play outside again, Gel Blaster is hosting fun-filled events where they give out free Gel Blasters to kids and families in the area. To date, they have given away thousands to people who would otherwise not be able to afford one.

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