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Is It Worth Renting a Car?

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This question does not have a short answer, but if it did, we would say the answer is yes. There are two ways to rent a car. Annual or monthly vehicle rentals serve a somewhat different function than regular car rentals, which are often utilized for excursions, weekends, or other particular events. This service is intended for those who need a car on their own regularly, rather than just sometimes.

Before discussing its value, let’s discuss the procedure.

What Is the Procedure for Long-Term Rental Work?

A short-term rental is similar to an annual or monthly rental, but for a longer time. If you’ve ever hired a vehicle before, whether it was for a weekday trip or a lengthy vacation, you are already quite familiar with the process.

The largest benefit is that rental companies sometimes reduce the rental charge if you retain the automobile for longer. Since it is often progressive, the more you save, the longer the contractual time is.

The discount varies from one automobile rental business to the next and is based on the class of vehicle and mileage allowance you choose.

This may amount to 1,000, 2,000, or even more monthly kilometers. Everything is quite flexible, allowing you to choose a deal that works for you.

You may hire a vehicle every month for as little as a single day and as long as many months, extending your rental agreement as much as you want from Ascent Car Rental from their shop down in Downtown Vancouver. The automobile you rent from them may be returned early if you like.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Annual Versus Monthly Car Rental

We compiled a list since there are so many benefits to renting a vehicle for a month or a year.


The cost is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of hiring a vehicle for longer. Most of the time, renting a car for a month is more cost-effective than buying one.

This is because renting a Car for a month might make up for the price increase, we discussed before if a person already expects to rent for a little bit longer, say three weeks. That’s a smart move if the dates work with your schedule.

Zero Bureaucracy

When you rent a car from Ascent’s Car Rental in Downtown Vancouver, they continue to be in charge of all the paperwork, insurance, maintenance, and taxes associated with owning a car. As a result, you may drive the automobile as if it were yours every day without having to bother updating or renewing the paperwork.


If you borrow a car from a monthly rental company like Ascent Car Rental, you may return the car whenever you wish. Extending the rental if you need the automobile longer is not a problem. The lowest monthly pricing is often only available for rentals lasting 28 days or more, so if you want to return it sooner, be mindful of the minimum duration. As was previously noted, the fee paid will be the same as for a “normal” rental based on the rental’s value on the day the contract is issued if you need to return the automobile early.

The Perk of a New Car

You have to admit, a new automobile fragrance is wonderful. You’ll appreciate renting a car regularly if you prefer trying out new automobiles. Renting makes it possible to drive a brand-new vehicle, which is impossible if you own a car. 

No Problems with Insurance

The fact that the automobile isn’t yours means you don’t have to worry about maintenance, insurance, or renewal. Get in touch with Ascent Car Rental if you have any issues with the vehicle. This Car Rental in Downtown Vancouver has insurance for all the cars. Also, cars rented by the month already have the basic insurance coverage required by law. This covers small repairs and other common problems.

No Problems in Selling

Selling a car is not a simple process. While keeping the car at the dealership for the exchange is the simplest option, it is also the place where the most money is lost. Private resale prevents financial losses, although it may be time-consuming and demanding. There is no need to be concerned about it while renting an automobile for an extended time. Talk to Ascent Car Rental, their car rental shop in Downtown Vancouver to switch cars with no penalties!

What is the monthly cost of renting a car?

The following factors influence the monthly cost of a rental car:

The price will depend on how many miles you plan to drive the car, and the rate will be more expensive the higher the car category.

Is long-term leasing a possibility?

There are yearly or monthly car rental options for people who do not need to own a vehicle in their name. This trend must be actively watched in the next few years due to the growth of the collaborative economy, health and safety concerns, and services that aim to share experiences and even items. This service might also be a great fit for you if you like to buy a new automobile often (every year, for instance). This is because the costs of keeping a car and its depreciation can be much higher than the rent each month.

There is also another benefit to renting as opposed to purchasing that is sometimes overlooked. Even if you decide to sell the car after some time, purchasing a car implies that your money is effectively frozen for a while. Renting allows you to keep investing the funds used for the first purchase. Calculating the costs and reviewing your assets and financial status is worthwhile.

Taking the financial implications of car ownership versus monthly car rental into account

The factor that will significantly affect the profitability of this situation is, “Does it pay to rent a vehicle instead of owning it?” 

We advise you to assess your circumstances and outline how much would be spent on purchasing and renting a vehicle. Don’t forget to include things like the purchase price, license value, taxes, and insurance that are already part of the monthly rental price.

Looking for a place that offers car rental? Downtown Vancouver is the place to go where Ascent Car Rental will look over all your rental needs.

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