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Inspiration for Happiness

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It is very important to maintain positive emotions and happy feelings as much as possible. To do that you must become more aware of how you are feeling and have ammo handy to lift yourself up when you are down.

Create habits of thinking where you catch yourself feeling unhappy then say to yourself, “Things are as they are, and feeling down doesn’t help me. I am so happy I can catch myself feeling down and remind myself to pump it up!” Then proceed to talk yourself up to a happier feeling or visualize yourself up to a happier feeling. Most importantly on Naija gist website, allow yourself to feel better knowing that goodness is coming your way and you are ready for it.

A “happiness collection” is helpful too. Consider it your scrapbook of happy things which may be an actual book or which can a music blog or whatever works for you. Gather your favorite music, poems, song lyrics, pictures, and videos. Write out or speak reminders of your happiest memories and visualizations of good things to come. If you notice you are feeling down, go to your “happiness collection” and pump yourself up a notch or two.

Do your best to change your thinking so that you can feel good to great most of the time. Use your imagination to visualize things that make you feel better. Flip through your happiness collection for reminders to be positive. Generate positive feelings and raise your vibration.

Many people say they want to take part in the finer things in life but of course, there are always trade-offs. Unless you hit the lottery you will have to give up something or many things to achieve a more exquisite lifestyle. You may check blogs which also has to be very self-motivated to work and accomplish. Of course, knowing and serving your higher purpose can effortlessly fuel the required work effort if your career and purpose are intertwined well.

Another option for a satisfying and purpose-filled lifestyle is to move towards a more simple and cost-effective way of living. This lifestyle is gaining momentum in some parts of the country as some strive to get back to a more simple way of being. It is a choice rooted in the idea of stepping away from the hustle and bustle to live a more authentic existence.

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