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How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2022?

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Instagram is buzzing!

With 1 billion monthly active users, this popular social media platform has attained much attention in the last few years. Businesses are constantly putting efforts to let their venture become popular through Instagram. With several options for promotions on Instagram like reels, photos, stories, etc., it is very easy to grow Instagram followers in 2022.  

If you have not leveraged the power of Instagram to boost your customer base yet, you are missing out on something very important. Read this blog, and you will be able to find out how you can grow Instagram followers in 2022 in a hassle-free way.

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What are the Effective Tactics to Grow Instagram Followers in 2022? 

When it comes to boosting your Instagram followers, staying organic is one of the most powerful keys. 

Although some people often try to increase their Instagram followers in the form of random bots and empty profiles. But they are of no use at all. You can’t expect real engagement on your company’s Instagram profile by some bots and fake followers. Right? So, it’s crucial to increase your Instagram followers organically.

Let us dive into the best strategies to grow your Instagram followers.

  • Boost Your Organic Followers

The followers who like, react, and comment on your posts are your real Instagram followers. Don’t you agree with this? Because of their ability to engage with your Instagram posts, your chances of doing more business with them increase. Moreover, real people will refer your brand to their friends, family, and known ones if they like it. This way, your followers keep growing on Instagram.

So, you need to focus on growing your organic Instagram followers in 2022. If you want to do it professionally, get in touch with an Instagram growth service that assures you to amplify your followers organically with their effective strategies and ideas.

  • Make Use of Pertinent Hashtags

Using effective hashtags is one of the most potent ways to connect with more people and gain many followers on Instagram. It is crucial to know which hashtags are popular in your business niche and the ones that reciprocate your brand value and content.

Once you have identified the hashtags trending in your niche, you can mix and match them while posting your Instagram content. This will help you reach such people effortlessly who follow those hashtags.

Also, ensure that you are not making any changes in the most famous hashtags of your industry and niche. Use them as they are, and you can stand out in the crowd. You get an opportunity on Instagram to include up to 30 hashtags in your posts, and it is always a smart idea to make the best out of this feature.

So, what are you waiting for?


  • Use More Call-to-Actions

Instagram gives a lot of chances to add CTAs to your content. If you don’t utilize that, you are doing it wrong. If you don’t believe this, start adding the CTAs like ‘swipe up to know more, ‘buy now,’ etc., on your Instagram posts and stories. You will see the difference all by yourself! This is one of the best ways to get your audience to take the action you want. 

There are also some more effective ways to add a CTA to your Instagram content. How about adding a CTA to your captions and asking people to share your content or visit your profile? Not just this, you can use CTAs on your Instagram content requesting your audience to perform whatever action you want them to take.

  • Organize Contests

It is a tried and tested way to grow Instagram followers in 2022. Many brands and marketers from different niches and industries have used this trick to see instant results. Have you not done that for your brand yet?

Well, it’s easy! You need to run a contest on, say, weekends (because your audience will have more time on Saturdays and Sundays to participate in a competition run by you and explore what it is about). It doesn’t mean that you can’t run a contest on Instagram at any other point in time. You can do that per your business’s requirement but weekends are preferable.

Make sure you are writing the caption of your Instagram contest so that it doesn’t only compel your audience to participate in it but also tag their friends and family who will be interested in your brand. This will surely help you take your Instagram followers to the next level.

  • Go for Instagram Advertisements

Growing your Instagram followers is not possible without taking benefit from Instagram ads. It is one of the most traditional and authentic ways to boost your number of followers on Instagram. The companies that have invested in Instagram ads for their brand’s promotions have increased their followers by 59% in the last few years.                                                                                                                                  

Moreover, one of the best features of Instagram ads is that they have a broad and relevant audience. Unlike your Insta posts and stories; which are only visible to your recent audience. So, if you invest in ads, you can reach out to a huge section of people who belong to a specific demographic region. And it can further increase your followers. This is awesome! Right?

  • Take Part in Trending Conversations 

While promoting your stuff on Instagram, it is very important to participate in popular conversations on that platform. If you see a discussion started by someone in your industry and people are interested in that, make sure you participate in that. This can open the doors to welcome more Instagram followers to your brand’s profile. If people get impressed with your comments in the conversation, there is a high probability that they will check your profile in detail and start following you.

  • Create Reasons for People to Follow You

Today’s audience is very smart; they will not just follow you to buy from you.

92% of people follow a brand, blogger, or influencer on Instagram when they can find some value in it that can help them uplift. So, creating informative and motivating content on Instagram is essential.

It is recommended that you become an expert in what you are doing. Empower and motivate people with your content. And then, you will automatically get more and more followers.

For example, if you are a dietician or promote your brand on Instagram that sells diet foods, you need to ensure that you provide some real-time examples of how you helped people lose weight in your Instagram content. Tell them how you or your clients have gone through many challenges and how your products or services have allowed them to attain a fit body and lead a healthy life.

Your audience will feel motivated and understand how good and authentic your brand is if you do like this. And what next? They will start following you! 

  • Have an Extraordinary Grid 

The power of visual communication is immense. You should never underestimate it, especially in this social media-centric era. Today’s customers mostly recognize a brand by its logo first or its theme or color. Which brand name comes to your mind first when you see a soft drink and a red color label on the bottle? The famous Coca-Cola. Right?

You need to do exactly this with your company’s Instagram profile. Make sure the grid of your Instagram profile is consistent throughout and visually appealing. It doesn’t mean only the color of your profile, but you need to take care of the structure and symmetry of your profile as well. There are some free tools like Planoly, Preview, etc., through which you can preview the layout of your post before posting it. 

When you plan to post on your Instagram profile, go with one specific picture filter to ensure uniform color consistency. If you want to be more creative, try collages and puzzle pictures.

The more visually appealing and unique your grid will be, the more followers you will have. 

  • Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is very important. It is nothing but the first and foremost interaction that the audience has with your brand. So, you need to ensure that it is unique and outstanding. When you have a business account on Instagram, your Instagram bio should be clear about what your business deals with. 

Include such keywords in your bio relevant to your business niche or industry. This will help your audience have a clear idea of your business. The people who will be interested in your business seeing your bio will soon become your followers. It will expedite the process of people becoming your followers; everything happens just at a glance! What else do you want?

Summing Up

Do you want to grow Instagram followers in 2022? 

You can do that in a real sense by following the above ideas. So, don’t wait anymore! Explore and implement these tricks, and your Instagram followers will double, triple, and even quadruple up in no time!

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