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How to Complete The Holi Snakes & Ladders Event For Free?

How to Complete The Holi Snakes & Ladders Event For Free?

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Holi Snakes & Ladders

With its in-game events, Free Fire is getting into the spirit of Holi. The Holi Snakes & Ladders Event is the Free Fire team’s most recent offering. On March 14, 2022, Garena announced this event. Players will compete in a game of Snakes & Ladders in order to win the grand prize, a Prismatic Warrior Bundle, during this event. After finishing the event, players can get this Holi-inspired male costume. The deadline for completing this event is March 20th, 2022. We have supplied the answers below for anyone who are unsure how to complete the Holi Snakes & Ladders Event.

In Free Fire, Complete The Holi Snakes & Ladders Event:

  • Follow the steps here to accomplish the Snakes & Ladders Holi Event in Free Fire as rapidly as possible:
  • Holi Token is the first item players will need to begin playing the Snakes and Ladders game in Free Fire. Playing Lone Wolf matches will earn you these Holi Tokens. Additionally, these tokens can be earned in both BR and CS.
  • Players can roll the dice to advance their character on the board once they have enough tokens. One token is required for each roll. The character will take the number of steps indicated by the dice rolled.
  • There are additional incentives linked with some specific tiles. If players land on these tiles, they will receive these rewards.
  • From here on out, the game plays out like a standard Snakes & Ladders battle. Players will climb up a ladder if they land on one. If they are bitten by a snake, however, they will descend to the snake’s tail. There are 64 tiles in the game. Players that roll a greater number than the number of tiles left will be sent back by the number that exceeds the tiles.
  • The Prismatic Warrior Bundle can be claimed once players reach tile 64.

The Holi Snakes & Ladders Event Offers Rewards:

  • Crate made from the skin of a Woodpecker.
  • Voucher for Weapon Royale.
  • Skin crate M82B.
  • Crate made from the skin of a woodpecker.
  • Skin crate in vector format
  • Skin crate MAG-7
  • Skin crate M82B
  • Voucher for the incubator
  • Skin crate in vector format
  • Coupon for diamond Royale.
  • Bundle of Prismatic Warriors.

That’s all there is to know about completing the Free Fire Holi Snakes and Ladders Event. Check out Free Fire MAX Holi Event: Get Free Legendary Costumes for more Free Fire content.

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