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How To Clean Your Different Airpods Effectively To Restore Sound Quality

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AirPods are Apple-designed Bluetooth wireless earbuds. It was first released on September 7, 2016, and was released in March 2019 in a second generation. They are wireless phones from Apple, sold together with the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. They became the most popular Apple accessory in the space of two years.

AirPods are probably the world’s most popular earbuds, especially for iPhone users. However, they become dirty and must be cleaned like all earbuds and all devices over time. AirPods are not only blocked by earwax but they’re also stunned when they’re lost under your car seat. Everything you touch every day, naturally, will always be filled with germs and fat. So the point comes to everybody’s mind about how to clean AirPods as they are very expensive. 

Dirty speakers are the most common cause of muffled sound in your AirPods. As the earwax and other materials are situated right inside your ear canal, they will build up over time and thus reduce sound quality. The dirt makes the AirPods sound muffled. So cleaning AirPods is a difficulty for AirPods users.

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How Do You Clean Airpods? And There Must Be A Question In Your Mind, How To Clean Airpods Case?

How Do You Clean Airpods

Today in this article we will discuss how to clean AirPods easily. The best way to clear the sound of your AirPod is to clean it regularly. You can remove blocks that can interfere with music and telephone calls using an Airpod earwax removal Kit to carefully clean your AirPods. Preventive measures are generally neglected to preserve the sound quality of the AirPods, but some of the best ways how to clean AirPods can be explained in this article.

The biggest and most common cause of the sound degradation of AirPods naturally is the development of earwax. If you have used the AirPods for months as main earbuds, the earwax probably built up and obstructed the speakers so that the volume looks quieter and the quality of the sound sounds less potent. Here are the best ways to clean  AirPods and restore their original sound quality. By the given points you can find out how to clean AirPods. 

Step 1: Organic solvent bits

The first thing your AirPod needs to clean is an organic solvent, that is to say, a cotton swab (Q-tips). Dip a swab of cotton into a little organic solvent (i.e., alcohol).

Step 2: Clean the bigger speaker using the swab

Use the swab in the bigger speaker to wipe off visible particles. Don’t force anything into the opening – you can easily loosen up any earwax that has been carefully built up and cleaned when needed.

Step 3: Clean up the microphone using the swab

Now, you can remove any open trout from your AirPod with the swab. However, care must be taken that nothing is damaged or forced into the troughs.

Step 4: Use again your AirPods

Use your AirPod again as normal before cleaning once cleaning has been completed. Since the earwax build-up has been removed from the AirPods speakers, you should note a difference in audio quality and volume. If after cleaning you don’t notice any difference, then there are other causes, like physical damage, for acoustic degradation (you can still try cleaning them).

In the above points, we have discussed in detail how to clean AirPods. 

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Airpod Tips For  Preservation From Earwax

Since earwax is the common cause of the sound of AirPods, you also need to learn how to manage wax build-up and the tips for cleaning earwax. 

  • Clean and moisturize your ear regularly using a cotton swab to prevent earwax from building wax pods. It will help in dirt removal too. 
  • To keep your ears clean, use earwax cleaning tools regularly.
  • It is strongly recommended that you visit a specialist for information on how to remove wax safe and gentle effectively or whether you experience any conditions that will cause your earwax to be produced abnormally if you do not use a cleanser.

How To use AirPods Cleaning Kit?

  • To remove any build-up and speaker mesh, use browns outside of both AirPods. You can also use the wipe to clean your load box.
  • Use the cleaning mastic inside and outside your two AirPods or inside your cable inlet. The mastic is ideal to remove any dirt or dung that may be inside your earpieces or loading cases
  • You can then wipe your AirPod with the Microfiber Cloth. This microfiber towel is ideal to shine up your AirPods and purify your speaker.
  • You need a cotton swab and a microfiber cloth. An ordinary soft cloth can work if you don’t have a microfibre cloth. You can also use isopropyl alcohol if you have a particularly dirty case, but follow the instructions below carefully.

How To Clean iPhone Cases?
How To Clean iPhone Cases

This is the best way to clean AirPods cases for dirty cleanups.

  • Clean the inside for the first time. Remove AirPods or AirPods open and remove this case.
  • Get a swab for cotton. When it is particularly fluffy, remove from the end of the swab a little fluff, leaving the narrowly packed tip behind.
  • Use the swab to remove dirt, grime, and ear wax on the inside of the case, clean the upper inside of the case, groove about the lower half, and sculpt the earbuds.
  • Caution when the stem is well cleaned. Dirt is rare for the part of the case, but if it does, spread the swab through the debris well and thrust the swab against the wall as you pull the Swab up, and “sweep” out the debris at the tip of the swab. You should not push deeper into the well accidentally or touch down the charging contacts.
  • The swab with isopropyl alcohol may be dampened to clean the upper portion of the case, but it is never well-damped with the stem.
  • Close the lid and clean the outside after the inside is clean. Use a cloth for microfiber to wipe off the case thoroughly. Dampen the tissue with little isopropyl alcohol if necessary to encourage dirt to lose.
  • You can clean the case using the same techniques discussed in safe and proper cleaning of your iPhone Charging Port if the loading port is dirty or blocked.
  • Cleaning apple Earbuds too.

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There Are Some Ways And Tips To Clean Apple Earpods:

  • Start wiping them with a clean dry cloth to clean your AirPods or earbuds. Don’t use sprays or liquids that might damage them.
  • Wipe the microphone and speaker mesh with a clean, dry cotton swab.
  • Take a clean, soft, rounded toothbrush and brush the mesh carefully if the dust or wax is caught in the mesh. To clean your AirPods, do not use sharp objects as a toothpick or craft knife.
  • Start the same way to clean the case: wipe with a clean, dry cloth. If the outside is especially dirty, the cloth may be dampened by 70 percent rubbing alcohol earwax, but be sure that no fluids are found inside the charging ports.
  • Clean any dirt or dust from the connector with a soft-scraped toothbrush. Use an anti-static brush specially designed for cleaning technology or try to clean a smooth cotton swab to remove the charging port. Skip out the liquid and sharp objects cleaners. 
  • These were some techniques to clean AirPods cases, AirPods microphones. And we have also covered the points like how we can clean and remove the dirt by using AirPods cleaner.

So here were some points to cover how to clean AirPods.


In this article, we have covered all the points. How to clean AirPods? , How to clean  AirPods case? Easiest tips on how to clean AirPods and apple earphones. We hope you liked this article about cleaning. All the points are disclosed properly.

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