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4 Key Benefits of a Timesheet App over Manual Processes

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Does your organisation still have a manual employee time tracking system? If your employees are still keying in their log work hours manually, it is time to ditch the error-prone spreadsheet and move on to a timesheet app.

Today’s technology offers a great way to automate and improve HR operations and processes with timesheet apps. Time tracking is an important way to analyse productivity patterns, improve time management across your company, streamline workflows and get a better control over your business resources.

In this article, we talk about the four key benefits of a Timesheet App over manual processes.

Less room for human error:-

Manually processing attendance data often leads to increased human errors due to potential data entry mistakes. Also, how would you know whether they have been altered prior to submission?

Unlike the manual process, time tracking using timesheet apps helps to decrease the risk of human errors and inconsistencies. Manual tracking is more likely to be affected by discrepancies and time tracking software ensures that the number of disparities is kept to minimal.

Timesheet apps also improve the accuracy of a time sheet and allow you to view your employees’ user activity to verify time worked and see if they made any wrong entries. Higher data accuracy means that your billing, invoicing, and payroll are error-free.

Real-time tracking:-

Timesheet apps allow you to track your employees’ activities in real time. This means you need not have to wait for a project to end to track its progress or the team members’ productivity level. It is possible to real-time track your employee activities and it also allows you to know who is where during working hours. That is not all; timesheet apps allow your managers to access and monitor your employees time sheets anytime and anywhere.

So, no more sifting through paperwork to track what your employees are up to; this saves your HR team a considerable deal of valuable time and they can approve or make recommendations instantly.

Provide transparency across the workforce:-

With a timesheet app, it is easier for employees to log hours automatically which gives absolute transparency into their work. This in turn helps the managers and the HR team to keep the team members accountable. Moreover, with these apps, it is easier to track time spent on specific tasks and keep track of billable hours. This makes it easier to calculate the project costs, providing transparency across your employees, clients and vendors.

Faster roster creation:-

Manual rostering not only cost your company but also leads to low ROI. Without access to real data, managers find it really difficult to find an employee to cover the roster. With timesheet apps, it is easier to communicate with your team regarding shift status and keep everyone aligned on the same page. The easy-to-use timesheet apps allow you to reduce labour costs, improve staff satisfaction, and avoid the chance of duplication.

As a business owner, keeping track of your employees’ time can be difficult without a timesheet app. Are you ready to upgrade from your physical time tracking methods to the suitability of a timesheet app

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