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How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Debit Card That Works for You

by Rajdeep Basu

There are hundreds of millions of crypto traders out there right now. What began as a few cryptography nerds engaging in an experiment has become a cornerstone of the 21st century’s digital economy. Heck, before too long, we could all be paying for our groceries using cryptocurrencies issued by our own central banks.

And we might be doing it using a cryptocurrency debit card.

Confused? It’s understandable. Debit cards definitely feel like something associated with ‘old-fashioned’ banks, but you can get debit cards for crypto, too. What’s more, they’re pretty copieces of tech with a multitude of uses.

Let’s find out how to choose the best debit card for cryptocurrency for you.

What Even Is a Cryptocurrency Debit Card?

The very concept of a debit card for cryptocurrency can be baffling for some folks. After all, isn’t the whole point of cryptocurrency that it makes stuff like plastic cards obsolete?

Well, not quite. Cryptocurrency is a super cool and future-looking technology, but those little plastic rectangles in our wallets still have their uses. By combining the two, we achieve whole new horizons in payments tech.

A cryptocurrency debit card is just like your regular debit card. The difference? Rather than being tied to an enormous, faceless banking corporation, it’s tied to your digital crypto wallet.

When you use your crypto debit card to complete a transaction, your digitally-stored crypto is taken, converted into the right currency, and sent to your payee. Congrats! You’ve just bought the week’s groceries using dogecoin!

Pretty cool, right?

What Crypto Debit Card Should I Use?

Much like choosing a bank account, finding the cryptocurrency debit card that really meets all your needs can be harder than it sounds. Sure, pieces like this awesome article exist to help you figure things out, but making the decision can still be difficult.

There are many factors, but the main ones you should consider are supported currencies and fees. You need to choose a cryptocurrency debit card that supports the cryptocurrencies you actually use. It’s no use getting an ethereum card if all you use is bitcoin, after all!

As for fees, that should be self-explanatory. Different cards will levy different levels of transaction fees. Unless you’re an eccentric billionaire looking to spend money for no reason at all, you’re more likely to want a card that charges a lower set of fees than its competitors.

But hey, it is your money, after all.

Crypto Debit for the Masses

And that finished our tidy guide to the cool and growing new world of the cryptocurrency debit card. Whether you’re a veteran crypto trader or a total newbie, these cool cards can help you take your crypto experience all the way to the next level.

Pretty soon, you won’t even remember why you had a normal bank debit card!

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