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How Could You Boost The Productivity In Diamond Drilling?

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Diamond drilling is a form of core drilling that uses a rotary drill to create accurately measured holes. A diamond drill bit is attached to the rotary drill, which helps create holes. As diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material on this planet, it aids in creating openings in a diverse range of materials such as glass, metal and concrete. 

A diamond drill is a precision instrument that helps create precise and clean holes with diameters, mainly between 8 mm to 1500 mm. It is known to be a non-percussive technique, and therefore, the structural integrity is maintained around at the time of drilling.

Every diamond drill runs water mainly through the driving shaft to ensure that the workspace remains dust-free. Based on the specific requirements, one can operate it in either a horizontal or vertical direction. 

One of the most important things to note is that productivity is important for diamond drilling. Drillers and companies always look for the best ways to boost productivity. If any significant issue arises while carrying out the drilling process, it will negatively impact productivity. 

So, it is imperative to be careful while carrying out the job. You should again immediately fix any problem that arises. Although you may think it may be challenging to boost productivity, this is not the case. Just by implementing specific changes, you would be able to improve productivity. Once you adjust several things, you will find that the results can make a huge difference. 

Not sure about what changes to implement to increase productivity? Well, don’t worry; we are here to help you out. To clear all of your related doubts, we have enlisted some of the best tips you can implement. Let’s begin talking about those. 

  • Boost Your Rate Of Penetration Or ROP

One of the most critical factors in diamond drilling is penetration rate. A reasonable penetration rate ensures that your job is carried out smoothly and economically. So, your main goal should be to enhance your rate of penetration. By doing so, you would achieve the best outcomes just by doing a little work. 

There are specific ways in which you can boost your ROP. The first and the most important thing is to search for the best drilling parameters for the condition and type of the rock. It aids in delivering the best results when combined with the best crown configuration and core for that type of ground. It is essential to note that the ROP results from using the appropriate Weight on Bit, rotation speed or RPM and water circulation.  

  • Purchase High-Quality Equipment

It is pretty straightforward that the better the quality of your equipment to carry out this job, the more your efficiency and productivity will be. So, it is essential to purchasing high-quality equipment. Like all other fields, you are sure to get what you pay for in diamond drilling

Never try to save your money by purchasing cheap quality equipment, especially core bits and drill rods. It can significantly hamper your productivity. Not only that, but you may have to change the core bit more often. 

There are certain instances where you may also have to deal with premature breaking of the drill rods. Whenever you are involved in drilling a deep hole, the time wasted to carry out this type of maintenance can severely impact productivity. 

  • Make Use Of Higher Crowns

The fewer times you require to change a core bit, the more time you spend getting the core. It is the main reason you should always use the higher crowns to ensure that your work is carried out smoothly. Some of the ground will contribute to eating through a bit more quickly. 

Thus, using a higher crown will aid in effectively reducing the number of times you require to stop operations. You can find the easy availability of a crown configuration such as the Vulcan in the market. It comes in 26 mm, 20 mm and 16 mm. These higher crowns are an ideal option to choose when you require to drill deep holes. 

  • Select The Appropriate Equipment

It is essential to go for the right equipment for the job. The selection of the appropriate core bit again plays an important role. It is something that tends to decide your diamond drilling performance. To settle on the best choice, you will require consideration of several variables. 

It includes ground hardness, abrasiveness, variability, competency, the experience of the driller, the type of drill rig utilised and the expected drilling depth. Not only that but there are many other choices you should make, especially regarding the kind of configuration of the crown. Again, the quality of the core lifter system, core barrel, reaming shell and drill rods you choose can significantly impact productivity. 

  • Extend Bit Life

The main goal of every driller is to get as much life out of their bit as possible. So, extending the life of bit will tend to impact productivity positively. It means that you should make sure that it is not damaged before starting the drilling procedure. Changing the bit most often is not a solution as it can significantly hamper your productivity. 

  • Carry Out Regular Maintenance

It would help if you necessarily inspected all of the equipment you will be using in the process. Always ensure that all parts are working correctly to carry out the job smoothly. Another important thing is to verify that these are well lubricated and clean. If required, you can make use of a degreaser. Also, ensure that the rod threads are effectively coated with thread compound. 

  • Use Additives

If you are looking forward to improving performance and reducing operational costs, then the addition of drilling fluid additives will always help. These additives lubricate your equipment and effectively prolong its lifespan by reducing wear and tear. Additives can do this in many ways, including reducing the likelihood of stalled drilling operations. It also helps to limit the rust on rods. You need to add this to your mud program.

Along with that, additives may help to deal with issues like dry holes, collapsing holes along with sandy and abrasive holes. These make sure that your drill mud has the required viscosity to carry and flush rock cuttings from the borehole conveniently. Also, it prevents them from setting at the bottom of the hole. It not only reduces the friction but also lowers the chances of wear. In turn, it cools the core bit. 

Wrapping Up

Profitability, productivity, and performance are closely related when it comes to drilling. Many diamond drilling companies in London constantly strive to improve the drilling performance. CA Drillers is one such company that boosts the drilling performance and makes the lives of drillers easier. Contact them today to get more information.  

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