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How Call Centers Outsourcing in Philippines Help You Grow Rapidly

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Customer service is a key driver that sets the pace for long-term business growth. As a business, you need call center services to ensure spotless customer service to your audience across the globe. Call center services to play a key role in gaining new customers and keeping the existing ones engaged. However, BPO services in the west are too expensive for most businesses to afford. This is why enterprises prefer Philippines customer service outsourcing. 

Call centers in the Philippines employ over 2 million people. This makes their BPO industry a strong competitor against global competitors such as India. Call center outsourcing the Philippines has clocked in a 30% growth in the past decade. This growth multiplied every year.  

In this blog, we will highlight the reasons why customer service outsourcing the Philippines will help you grow your business rapidly! 

Benefits of Philippines Customer Service Outsourcing 

Regardless of your business size, call centers in the Philippines are ideal for catering to everyone. On that note, let us look at the benefits of call center outsourcing in the Philippines.

  1. Cheap Costing 

One of the biggest reasons why call centers in the Philippines are emerging as successful is because of the low costs. The labor costs in the Philippines are half of those in the UK and the US. Moreover, since you’d be outsourcing services, you’ll not have to worry about tertiary costs such as office rent, staff maintenance, etc. 

Just by outsourcing to call center Philippines, businesses can reduce their operational costs by about 60%. That is a lot of cost savings that you can optimally allocate for developmental and other core strategies. 

  1. Low Language Barriers 

English is the official language of the Philippines. They are well versed with colloquial terms used by citizens speaking both UK and US English. This makes them ideal to converse and quickly connect with native English speakers. 

Filipino people require little to no vocational training to start catering to their overseas clients. It helps clients to get started with their projects within a very short span of time. 

Language barriers, if any, are reduced through specific training and the cultural influences from western countries. This is a huge factor that sets the Philippines apart from most South-Asian BPO marketplaces. 

  1. Highly Talented Staff

The Philippines follows an education system similar to that in the US. Therefore, the country is home to talents that are ready to communicate with people in the US and the UK hassle-free. 

To make things even better, the Philippines government facilitates state-run courses that impart skill sets ideal for the BPO industry for candidates willing to build their careers in global communication. 

  1. Young Demographic 

The Philippines demography has a majority of youngsters who are around 23. Therefore, the country has young talent that belongs to the generation that is well adept at technology and globalization. Moreover, most of these young citizens have access to top-grade education at global communication institutions, preparing them for BPO-based services. 

Outsourcing call centers from the Philippines is perfect because the country has become a huge marketplace for the right talent. 

  1. Low Legal Liabilities 

Call center outsourcing the Philippines involves working with companies that already have strong legal standing. Therefore, when outsourcing BRO services from the Philippines, you will not have to deal with a lot of legal liabilities such as lawsuits filed by staff and customers. 

Most BPO companies in the Philippines have legal support that will ensure that you get to focus only on your business. 

  1. Cultural Influences 

The Philippines was colonized by countries like Spain, the US, and Japan for a considerable period of time. 

People in the Philippines grow up with these cultural influences that make it easier for them to interact with the western audience. The healthy mix of the South-Asian and Western cultures plays an important role in making the Philippines a great source of call center outsourcing. 

  1. Data Security and Privacy 

One of the deciding factors that make the Philippines a better source of call centers than other global competitors is their government’s involvement with the BPO industry. The government has taken some crucial steps into ensuring that the country’s BPO industry thrives through favorable laws and legislation. 

The government revised the country’s data privacy laws in 2021 ensuring that they are at par with international standards. Every company’s data is privately handled and stored so that the Philippines also becomes a trustworthy BPO outsourcing destination. 

  1. High Regulations 

Since the BPO industry is an economic pillar for the Philippines, the government has also built excellent infrastructure and policies. Some steps include setting up the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) funds call center training and sponsoring a BPO-friendly curriculum. The government also offers tax incentives to call center employees. 

  1. Better Deliverables 

The BPO industry in the Philippines is sure to offer some of the highest quality deliverables. The quality of service is at par with international standards because of intensive training. The voice training and specific training really pay off when you employ BPOs from the Philippines to help your business grow. 

  1. Higher Profits

There is no doubt about the fact that if your business is able to reduce the cost of operations, it will yield higher profits. Therefore, it is important to remember just how steep the cost reduction is. 

Moreover, with the help of call centers outsourcing from the Philippines, you’re definitely going to make a lot of profits through better customer acquisition. Your business will be able to find new clients. The skilled staff in the Philippines will help your company retain the ones you already have. 

Summing Up

There you have it! Multiple reasons why outsourcing call center Philippines might be the wisest choice you make in your customer service strategy. The country has rapidly become the leading provider of call center outsourcing services, and for good reason. So, contact call centers in the Philippines to help your business grow and see your profits boom! 

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