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How Brands Are Built: A Case Study of What Really Goes Into Brand Marketing

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In brand building, people often think of name formation, logos, and color schemes. But, there’s more to brand building.

Based on statistics, more than 70% of brand managers prioritize building an audience as more crucial than converting sales. 89% of clients will remain loyal to brands that seek to share their values.

Like a human personality, a brand is essential to any company. Despite what you do or don’t do, a human personality forms, and people will always judge based on their thoughts and feelings.

Thus, companies should invest their time and efforts to gain brand identity wilfully. It helps to know how brands are built. As a company, you should ensure that people get an instant association every time they see your brand.

What Is A Brand?

A brand is the general lasting impression experienced by customers who purchase the products and services of a company.

A solid brand is when a company builds its culture and growth. With a brand, a business distinguishes itself from the competitors by clarifying what makes it a better choice. Your brand should be an actual image of your business and the perception you want people to have.

This is how to define a brand;

Vision: What achievements are you working on? How does your brand reflect your achievements? Coming up with a solid vision statement allows you to focus and plan a team that works to meet your business’s desired achievements.

Value: Can your company offer exceptional value? Establish and define a unique value proposition that makes your team focus on things that make you stand out from the rest. Also, ensure you deliver what you say to the right people.

Position: Where do you want to appear in the marketplace? The positioning primarily relies on customers’ perception of your business. So, you have to match customers’ expectations and perceptions.

Take a look to know more about how brands are built. Ensure you incorporate the elements below.


Consistency is achieving the exact effect and message to all customers. Better still, it provides customers with clear expectations of your business.

Mainly, consistency occurs during marketing on all platforms. Every marketing channel you use needs to have the same images and messages to your customers.

Additionally, consistency allows your brand to come to life for customers. This way, it becomes effortless for the entire team to communicate with one consistent voice.

Also, it helps to know that consistency produces trust from customer experience. With trust established, a business gains more sales and repeat customers.


Successful brands are different. Thus, the difference creates a gap in customers’ minds that the competitors can’t fill.

Usually, most companies in the same industry sell products and services that are 99.9% identical. However, the difference lies in the brand power.

Differentiating your brand isn’t a walk in the park. It involves finding and defining the slightest difference between your products or services. This difference should be unique and what your competitors don’t have.

After the discovery, invest your time and effort in hyping it in your marketing campaigns. By differentiating your brand, you give customers only one choice to seek you, not your competition.


Undeniably, creative message strategy and ideas improve the brand’s status. Creativity can apply from the birth of a brand or when you want to rebrand meaning.

These terms help you to understand more about creativity;

  • Originality: Creativity helps customers understand better what your brand is saying. It encourages a memorable and distinct view of the brand through visuals, metaphors, and icons. Aside from better and quicker understanding, creativity ensures customers remember the message longer. Being top of most customers’ minds shows you are on top of the game.
  • Expressiveness: Creativity also makes organizations authentic, engaging, believable, and character-building. Like being around interesting people, creative solutions stir your imagination, admiration, and even love. People relate creativity by being different, remarkable, funny, truthful, and exciting.

Preferably, have branding experts handle the creativity aspect of your brand. This guarantees better results in what you’d want to achieve.


The best attachment to create with your customers is emotional connection. It helps if your brand can remind your customers of a positive point in their lives.

Bear in mind it’s not a must for the connection to be direct. Some companies advertise their products and services by showing past events. Also, a brand can connect with customers when it associates with scenes like winter hockey, summer hikes, and even camping.

As an excellent brand strategy, the connection must not be positive but just emotional. For example, insurance companies show the aftermath of floods and fires and the brands consoling victims. While the scene is a disaster, the emotional connection of sadness and reassurance sells to most customers.

Generally, a brand does better if it moves from the rational mind to people’s emotional side. So, incorporate an emotional appeal in the marketing strategies for your brand.


When branding a business, close review encourages steady growth. You don’t want competitors to catch you off-guard or even take over your unique brand values. So, how do you review your brand?

·        Material Review

First, ensure there’s brand authenticity in the material. This means the marketing materials should look, feel and communicate the same.  

Any promotional material that doesn’t match sends a confusing message to the customers. Make sure that the entire style of your brand is identical in all the materials across all marketing channels.

·        Company Culture Review

Employees of an organization are also part of the brand personality. For instance, a company that deals with healthy foods should ensure it hires employees in good health. Still, an accounting firm requires employees with an excellent sense of responsibility.

When looking for the best employees that show off your brand, ensure you have an admirable package. It would be best to have several benefits and policies that guarantee good working conditions. This way, you’ll attract and maintain the best employees.

When reviewing;

  • Try new and better ways to market your brand.
  • Evaluate wrong and right results to ensure you can improve.  
  • Improve the existing brand image.
  • Don’t stop working for a better brand.


The truth is, good brands are priceless and take time to grow as desired. The time and effort spent in branding play a significant role in brand visibility. Once your brand is out there for customers to see and reach out to, the profit margins grow to a better and higher level.

However, this doesn’t happen too fast. Brand identity requires patience and refocusing marketing campaigns. You still need to improve the quality of your goods and services. Future branding spends more time and money for companies to maintain top positions.

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