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How To Have a Relaxing Staycation

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How To Have a Relaxing Staycation

When you need a proper break from the stress of everyday life but don’t have the time or means to go on a full vacation, a staycation can be a great way to relax. Staycations usually involve booking a room at a hotel in, or near, your home city as a way to get out of the house and have a weekend to yourself, or with whoever you choose to share it with. Once you have your room booked and the time blocked off, consider some of the following ways to best enjoy your weekend.

Find Your Zen

When you have the peace and quiet of a hotel room, make the most of it. If meditation and yoga are things you enjoy, get ready to roll out the mat. Living in a busy household can make these activities next to impossible when you need silence, so there is no better time to dive deeper into relaxation than on your staycation. Another way to enjoy the peace is to lay out by the hotel pool or sit back in the hot tub.

Pamper Your Body

If the hotel has a spa, consider booking a massage or facial as a treat. If not, purchase your own skincare products ahead of time to try out while you are there. From sheet masks to serums, there is a large variety of products to try that can soothe and relax your skin.

Catch Up

One of the best parts of having the weekend to yourself is being able to catch up on any media you have been missing out on. Binge-watching your favorite show or reading a new book from start to finish are two things you can do with your time that you normally might not be able to do from home. If media isn’t your thing, use the time to catch up with yourself. Doing some introspective journaling can help you dive into your own mind and check in with your emotions, especially if you have been busy.

Try Something New

If your hotel is in a new area of town, or one that you don’t often frequent, try out a new restaurant while you’re down there. Ask the hotel concierge what they recommend if you are unsure where to start. If you don’t enjoy dining alone in public, take it back to your room and continue the vacation with dinner in bed. You can also explore the neighborhood and see what shops are in the area. If you’re lucky you might stumble upon a unique store like a vintage or artisan shop, where you can get a small souvenir to remember your weekend.

Act Like a Tourist

While you may have seen lots of unique things off the beaten path in your city, you may not have checked out some of the big tourist destinations in your area. If you’re interested in seeing more of what your home has to offer, now is the perfect time. A simple Google search for the most popular attractions in your zip code can open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Returning to your hotel afterward can solidify the feeling that you are on an adventure in a new city, rather than a short drive from home.

Talk To Friends

Having a long phone call catching up with a friend you haven’t seen is another nice way to enjoy the time you already have carved out. While it may be too difficult to make plans to go see your friend, spending a few hours talking to them can be the next best thing.

Whether you stay in all day watching movies or exploring your city through a new lens, staycations are an enjoyable and relaxing way to break out of the stress and monotony of your daily routine. Find the right hotel and enjoy the time any way you’d like.

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