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Guide for Newlywed Couple to Choose Honeymoon Friendly Hotel

Guide for Newlywed Couple to Choose Honeymoon Friendly Hotel

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You’re engaged!!! Wow… Congrats! It’s your time to start your wedding planning. When it comes to wedding planning, you may prepare a checklist of purchasing bridal dresses, booking wedding venue, inviting guests, and the lists goes on. But have you included your honeymoon planning in your wedding checklist? If not, just add it! Honeymoon planning starts from choosing the most romantic destination, making travel arrangements, to settling for the best hotels honeymoon. It’s such a lengthy process, so make sure to start your honeymoon planning from now on! 

Tips to Choose the Right Honeymoon Friendly Hotel 

Before choosing the honeymoon destination, you and your fiancé need to decide where you want to enjoy your special days by settling in mountains, islands, or beach resorts. Dubai is known to be the best honeymoon destination where couples can enjoy luxurious experience and discover the world’s best attractions together. If you’re looking to start the best days of your life in Dubai, then this guide is for you! 

The best honeymoon starts by staying in the best hotels honeymoon, unwind your stress at the spas, enjoying romantic candle light dinner and making the days more memorable. Continue reading to know how to select the best honeymoon friendly hotel in Dubai. 

Get Help from Travel Planners or Book by Yourself 

If you are under pressure in managing and planning your wedding things, then you can go with travel planners who can suggest the best hotels to stay in Dubai for your honeymoon. Choose an experienced travel agent who can make your trip an awesome one. But, if you have preplanned for everything for your wedding day and if you have the time and patience, then you can search and book for 5 Star All Inclusive Dubai hotels. 

Cost & Budget 

When it comes to booking best hotels honeymoon, consider your budget and then find out the best options available within your expensive range. Along with your budget, discuss with your partner and decide the number of days you want to spend over the honeymoon, Many couples choose in between 4-5 days and enjoy their stay in the best 5 Star all inclusive Dubai

Check the Hotel Room 

Regardless of how beautiful honeymoon destination you choose, the place you’re going to stay makes your honeymoon more special and memorable. If you’re a newly married couple, for sure you’re going to spend most of your time inside the room. So make sure to choose the best hotels honeymoon which provides special honeymoon packages. Looks for a soothing place where you both can indulge yourself and enjoy your days. 

Look for Amenities and Services 

Before booking the best hotels honeymoon, check all the services and amenities offered by the hotel. Make sure whether the room service is available all the time. Also, verify all other services provided by hotels and resorts like Wi-Fi connection, complimentary meals and so on. Check out the packages offered by hotels to find out whether they are giving spas and other refreshing drinks, etc. 

Room Accessibility

Look for the room which offers pleasant scenic view of your hotel room. Many best hotels honeymoon in Dubai offers exclusive honeymoon rooms with sea front view. And this can be a great gift for your spouse and you both can enjoy your honeymoon with an awesome view of nature. You need to choose a room which would be easy access for you to take taxi or metro to visit the top attractions of Dubai. 

Things to do in Dubai on a Honeymoon 

Above we have given you the top things to consider while choosing a honeymoon hotel in Dubai. Once you reach Dubai with your loved one, what else you can do to make your trip more awesome? Here we have listed down the best things to do in Dubai for couples: 

  • Hot Balloon Ride
  • Romantic Dinner Cruise
  • Desert Glamping
  • Spa Experience 

Plan Your Honeymoon in Dubai, 

That’s a wrap for our guide on choosing the best honeymoon hotel in Dubai to make your honeymoon a memorable one. Whether you’re planning a luxurious honeymoon or looking for pocket-friendly romantic trip, choose the best place to stay in Dubai, as it has a huge impact on how you will enjoy your honeymoon stay! 

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