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The Meaning Behind Butterfly Tattoo – Meaningful Work Of Art

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Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are powerful symbols of transformation, joy, and personal growth. The colors of a butterfly can sometimes have a special meaning, with some colors denoting a change or metamorphosis. 

To understand more about the meaning behind butterfly tattoo machine and find yourself a perfect one, read on to this post. Also, make sure you understand the difference between a butterfly tattoo and a moth tattoo, since both tattoos have a different meaning.

The Meaning Behind Butterfly Tattoo In A Different Culture

Fresh love in China: According to legend, if two individuals view the same butterfly simultaneously, they will fall in love with each other.

 butterfly tattoo

butterfly tattoo

Marriage in Japan: Japanese culture frequently connects Butterflies with marriage and weddings. Butterflies are well-known for their involvement in flower pollination, making them an emblem for bringing new life into the world.

Symbol Of The Departed/Afterlife In Aztec And Celtic Cultures 

Butterflies were employed in Aztec culture to represent the dead and the afterlife. The Aztecs considered butterflies to be the souls of the dead. They saw them as representations of rebirth, change, and metamorphosis.

Butterflies are seen to be in harmony with nature and symbolize the soul and immortality in Celtic culture.

Butterflies are seen as a sign of souls by the Inuit. In addition, butterflies signify the souls of their ancestors to several South African tribes.


Psyche is a mortal lady who marries Cupid in Greek mythology (Eros). Because her soul was turned into a butterfly, Psyche is frequently represented with butterfly wings in many Renaissance art portrayals. 

A symbol of beauty

A symbol of beauty

The goddess’s tremendous beauty has been associated with the image of a butterfly.


The butterfly symbolizes life, as it emerges from a cocoon as something new and beautiful. This is similar to the process of overcoming hardships, which you can compare to the life stages of a butterfly.


Butterflies go through many changes in their lifetime, making them an iconic symbol of confidence in transformation and change. The beauty of a butterfly is made possible by its ability to change and transform.

The Meaning Behind Butterfly Tattoo With Different Colors

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Blue is an energizing hue because it represents freedom and creativity. Blue is often associated with trust, serenity, stability, and harmony.

A common tattoo is a blue butterfly.

A common tattoo is a blue butterfly.

Blue butterflies are frequently connected with a yearning for love and happiness. Furthermore, blue-winged butterflies are also said to represent the luck of the dreamer. Having a tattoo of a blue butterfly frequently indicates the owner’s dream and aspirations for good fortune.

Black Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Black is a very powerful color that represents mystery, strength, and authority. A black butterfly tattoo often represents rebirth or transformation in one’s life. This can be a new career, new relationship, new home, or a fresh start from something in the past.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

A purple butterfly tattoo represents strength, grace, and beauty. It also represents monarchy and authority.

Purple is a color that denotes mystery, enchantment, and creativity. This color is frequently seen juxtaposing with other hues such as black or white; however, this is not always the case. 

They can take various forms, such as tribal butterfly tattoos or flower tattoos, but they all have the same significance. A purple butterfly tattoo is popular for women who desire something feminine but intriguing.


Butterflies are so beautiful and versatile that they can easily be designed in ways to give them more than one meaning. But of course, it probably has a lot to do with your tattoo placement and your own personal pain threshold. 

We hope that after this post on the meaning behind butterfly tattoo, you can now find yourself a suitable tattoo to represent yourself.

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