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Have fun with your Hair by Changing the Colour

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We all feel ourselves changing as we age. Some of these changes are more pronounced than others. The important thing is to accept and embrace these changes as they happen and rejoice in the person you have become to bring out the best version of yourself.

Many of us like to reflect a change in our lives, celebrate a milestone or express ourselves by changing how we look. If you are someone who likes to experiment with your looks, you might enjoy changing your hair, and what better way than to change it through hair colouring and highlights? 

If you colour your hair, you already know how the hair looks and feels when freshly colored, and if you do not colour your hair, well, why not. If you are reading this, it means we have piqued your interest, and you are considering getting on the bandwagon and getting a new hairdo.

Read this article to learn all the reasons why now is the best time to get started on hair colouring and highlights. We also offer useful tips on how to get the job done the right way and the importance of choosing the right salon for the purpose. 

Why should I go for hair colouring 

Did you know you are just one call away from turning your ordinary tresses into extraordinary lustrous locks? Got a new haircut? Get a new colour to complement the look! Bored of your current colour? Hop in today for a change!

At Fluid Spa, you will be offered hair colouring services using the best quality products, and no, we are not talking about using peroxide to bleach the hair and colour it. When you get your hair colored the right way, with the right products, your hair colour can serve a much bigger purpose than just changing the appearance of your hair.

Read on to learn all the reasons why hair colouring should be on your to-do list right now.

Want healthier hair? Get them colored

Hair colouring has always been perceived as bad, as the general impression is that it damages the natural hair texture. However, this couldn’t be further from reality in present times. With the advancement in technology and the introduction of formulas, the elements constituting a hair dye are no longer harmful, and you do not have to worry about hair colour being detrimental to your hair health. In fact, colouring your hair can help improve its health as it seals down the cuticle causing the hair to look healthier, fuller, and fresher with a colour.

Bonus points for you if you get it done from Fluid Spa as you get frizz-free hair and can bid farewell to the pesky flyways for good.

Cover those greys

While we are here for embracing the natural you, there is no harm in covering a few grey hairs here and there. You would agree that regardless of the generation of women you belong to, we all like a good hair dye that covers the signs of ageing through our natural hair. While a home hair colouring kit can take care of the few obvious ones, if you are looking for a more thorough job, there is no better place than a professional salon.

Add texture to the hair

No one likes to have dull hair that lacks in volume too. You could try various hairstyles or cuts, but you may always feel something is missing, and that is the life in the hair when it bounces freely and gives a shine. If you have not gotten your hair colored before, you will be surprised by the shine and volume you can get just by one-time colouring. 

At Fluid Spa, we use hair dyes that have a thickening agent. So when you get your hair colored, it is not only fun to look at; just running your fingers through your hair will be a treat too.

Get the colour of the season

There is no harm in following a trend, given it looks good on you. If you are the kind of person who likes to rub shoulders with the style setters, you might also like recreating a certain colour that is trending at a particular time. Many people also like to change their hair colour according to seasons, and there is no reason why you cannot do the same.

So, if you have been carrying a natural look all this time and want to bring a little change, you could try experimenting with hair colours and opt for a trending colour.

Give your hair a boost

The longer our hair remains on our scalp; it fades with time and becomes less vibrant and lively. Whether you use a permanent hair dye or keep the natural colour of your hair, exposure to environmental factors and hair products reduces the radiance of our hair.

So, if you have lately felt that your hair does not look that vibrant and has lost its tone, you can refresh it with hair colour; even a temporary one will do. The temporary colour only bonds to the outer side of the hair shaft and does not compromise the hair cuticle. You will instantly feel a shine and lustre in your hair that was previously lacking. Not sure which colour will suit you best?  Call today for an appointment at Fluid Spa.

Give your hair extra oomph with highlights

Speaking of changing your hair appearance, why settle for the basics when you can get highlights to take the style up a notch? Hair colouring and highlights are always in vogue. While you can always opt for single-process colour, if you add extra tones to your dye job, it will give your hair an even better texture and appearance and up the style game.

Similarly, if you feel that the present colour is not flattering your inherent skin tone, you can opt for a highlight style that brings out your best features and complements your overall appearance. Imagine a few well-placed strands of a shade lighter than your current color. It is just what you need to enhance your haircut, highlight your facial features and face cut and even add an enviable boost of glow and sparkle to your skin that can make you the centre of attention.

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