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A Complete Guide for WooCommerce Product Feed Management

A Complete Guide for WooCommerce Product Feed Management

by Rajdeep Basu

As the dynamics of the eCommerce sector changes especially with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it triggered the need for the eCommerce businesses to establish their presence on various eCommerce platforms simultaneously. It is why there is a growing trend among business owners to opt for the ‘Multi-Channel Selling’ path so they can bring more conversions for their online business. So, if you have an eCommerce store, you need to sell your products or services through several online channels. But it is not an easy task to integrate more than one eCommerce channel and then control them through a centralized platform. So, how can you achieve this? The only answer is opting for Product Feed Management with the help of a leading WooCommerce Development Company

As several popular eCommerce platforms are equally popular among online shoppers such as Amazon, eBay, Google Merchant Center and many others, it will not be a smart decision to ignore a single one. Product Feed Management will enable you to access all these popular ecommerce platforms. Though selling through multiple platforms is time-consuming and a terrific approach, it will help you to sync your products and product data instantaneously on different channels.

Why Do You Need Product Feed Management?

A product feed will help your business grow in different ways including:

  • It will allow you to integrate your products through different retail channels and advertising avenues.
  • With product feed management, you will be able to list your products according to your specifications on popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc.
  • It will reduce a wide range of manual efforts to get your products listed on several channels and thus stimulates the process.
  • It will allow you to sync your products in a hassle-free manner.
  • Most importantly, it will help you to update your products instantly in minimal time.
  • Moreover, it will increase the visibility of your products so that they can reach more users easily.
  • It will help you to improve your sales and conversions effectively. 

Essential Features of a Good Product Feed Management:

So, now you have considered creating a product feed for your online business. That’s great! You are on the right path, but ensure you are in the right hands who can offer you the best WooCommerce Development Services and help you to create a product fee with the must-have features that are compatible with the avenues you are targeting. So, make sure your product feed is designed with a few essential features such as:

  • Proper Product Information: 

With the product feed, you should be able to incorporate accurate product information in your feed so that users can easily access the data through multiple channels and understand your products thoroughly. Again, most of the popular marketplaces have guidelines for product data that will help you to deliver more relevant information in the product feed.

  • Easy Update:

Make sure the product feed is capable of updating your products promptly. Let’s clarify the point. For instance, it will show the changes in your stock quantity when customers are purchasing your products. Again, if you want to add some additional product descriptions, your product feed should allow you to make the changes by updating it automatically.

  • Flexibility:

It should be flexible enough to fulfill all the specifications of the respective channel you are trying to feature your products. Moreover, it should be able to offer bulk product management brilliantly.

  • Adaptable

a product fee should be adaptable enough that will allow you to add new information for your products. It will enable you to put more features per product and thus offer your customers to detect their desired products easily.

WooCommerce Product Feed Management the Two eCommerce Megastars: Amazon & eBay

Though there are several eCommerce platforms available online, eBay and Amazon are considered to be the best eCommerce platforms because of their large traffic channels with global reach. So, if you are looking to sell your products through eCommerce platforms, it will not be a good idea to ignore the two eCommerce megastars, Amazon and eBay. The only thing that you have to do is to hire the best WooCommerce Development Company that can help you to access these channels.


A recent study shows that the number of business owners struggling on Amazon is more than 15% of the world’s eCommerce retail market. Again, you will be surprised to know that Amazon has received more than 2500 million visits from both desktop and mobile devices in 2020 and the number is growing day by day. So, there is no denying the fact that Amazon provides several advantages to both the business owners and the shoppers. Now, find out the general benefits of listing your products on Amazon:

  • Increased Visibility:

Amazon is a channel with huge traffic. So, it is obvious that when you are listing your products on Amazon, the visibility of your products will increase considerably. There is a general conception that listing your products on Amazon can help you increase your sales by an average of 50%.

  • Engage New Customers:

Amazon will help you to acquire new customers with its popularity among online shoppers. It will increase the possibility of users finding your products most efficiently.

  • More Conversation Rate:

Amazon is a trustworthy channel. So, listing your products on Amazon simply means increasing conversion rates, especially among some specific products. 

  • eBay:

Like Amazon, eBay is also a popular eCommerce platform with a global reach. Around 167 million people use eBay on a monthly basis, with 1.7 billion listings. Now, let’s dive deep with the top benefits of eBay for selling products:

  • Global Reach:

Having a great global presence, eBay allows businesses to reach out to the global market. It will help business owners like you to sell your products internationally.

  • SEO-Friendly:

Listing your products on eBay simply refers to taking advantage of their SEO instead of competing for search engine rankings.

  • Auction Listing:

eBay is featured with a striking option for an auction listing, especially on the products which are in great demand and low stock. So, if you sell any unique product, you can be highly beneficial from eBay and you will be able to receive bids for your products. Thus you can sell your products to the highest bidder. Though it requires an insertion fee, it will be for your investment.

Sync Your Products on Multiple eCommerce Platforms:

So, if you want to sell your products on multiple popular eCommerce channels, you need to sync product data between the channels. A good WooCommerce product fee management will ensure that your products are synchronized perfectly.

Though there are several tools available in the market to integrate your WooCommerce products to the popular ecommerce solution company platforms like Amazon and eBay, it is better to opt for the best WooCommerce Development Services from a leading WooCommerce Development Company that can make this task easy and effective.

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