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Everything you need to know about customer journey maps

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customer journey maps

Customer journey maps are used to create effective marketing strategies. They are mainly designed to understand the customer’s roadmap from the first interaction with your business to the last point. If done correctly, they can be used to ensure that the company gets a return on its investment. A customer journey map, therefore, involves a business trying to understand their customers to be able to give a substantial.

Reasons why you need a customer journey map

Apart from improving your relations with your customers, a customer journey map help your business to promote a customer-centric culture both internally and externally. It will also assist you in identifying a potential customer and connect with any needs that a buyer might present. One of the key ways you will increase your customer base is by understanding what motivates your customers, which you can identify using the customer journey map.

Once you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, you can create a good experience for your customers, which will lead to them coming back and referring more people to your business. You will be able to identify and deal with any customer pain points hence reducing the need for customer service. In general, the customer journey map will assist you in increasing your customers’ lifetime value.

What a customers journey map comprises of


Having created your customer personas, you will need to get potential profiles that act like your customers. Any actions experienced by your customer personas will be rooted in the actors. The actors are usually at the top and serve as the foundation of your map, dictating any move needed for the actions to have the desired outcome.

Phases of the journey

The phases involve the different stages of customer interaction with your business. They affect all the information in the journey map, including actions, thoughts and emotions. The steps, however, do vary in different scenarios, and the data given assists in knowing how to handle each scenario in the best way possible. They will assist in creating awareness, research, evaluation and decision making that will positively affect the business.

Customer expectations

The journey maps go in stages and sequences of scenarios that describe a process. The process might involve different channels. The main thing in the road map of a customer is the pain points that have been highlighted and determined to lead to the business losing interest in working with the company. The scenarios might involve anticipation for products in the entry point to the market or just the designing stage.

Actions and sentiments

Every customer has a unique action, and some might have one similar, which may be based on their mindset, which they might express in different sentiments. The emotions they present once they have interacted with the product, which might be positive, negative, or neutral, give an insight into the product in the market.


The desired outcome that might be required and expected by the customer and the journey’s goals. The opportunities are put on the customer journey map as the last thing which shows the desired and expected results.

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