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Common Productivity Myth-busters you Should Know

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Common Productivity Myth-busters you Should Know

If you’re trying to improve your productivity and searching for productivity guidance, you’ve millions of blogs and articles on the Internet.

Also, if you’re on YouTube, you’ll see thousands of entrepreneurs and working professionals are teaching you productivity management. Surprisingly, everyone is telling you the truth, also everyone has a different point of view at the same time. Sometimes it’s funny!

You’ve to understand the difference between a hiper motivated person and a mentally organised person. The first one comes with chaos and the second one speaks with success. They both are productive, but the first one will give you nothing but self-satisfaction.

In this article, we’re going to use psychological and scientific facts to burst the most common dangerous myths about productivity management.

Let’s get started, 

Always Copy Successful People:

One of the most one-sided advice is to follow successful people blindly, no. Try to understand it at a human level. If a person doing 9-5 jobs and an entrepreneur playing golf, travelling and enjoying luxury life have the same psychological capability chances.

But every person lives in their different lifestyle and carries their history. Their mental state, life goals, boundaries can be different. So copying the other person’s lifestyle just because he/she is more successful than you, won’t make you successful. Instead, it can drain your brain and productivity.

Maximise every minute of your day:

Your brain is a biological organ, not an engine. Even the engine needs to rest. But your favourite entrepreneur might tell you they work every moment of their days and they always skip vacations and comfort. That’s how success comes to their doors.

Yes, you can’t find a sense but this kind of speech sells a lot on the internet. Try to understand stress factors. Doing your daily productive work in stress is like you’re a horse and you’re running by the pain made by the hunter stripes on your back.

Instead of increasing, productivity stress can increase your anxiety and so many mental health problems along with heart problems.

Set big goals:

Just like big goals come with big responsibilities, memorable failure comes with depression. Having goals is very important if you want to achieve success in your life. But goals should be in reality. Don’t assume something exceptional if you’re not ready yet.

Hunting expectations can create so many problems for your journey. Always, keep a plan b with you and make sure you’re strong enough to make your way better.

Hard work is the only way:

This is one of the most popular quotes on the Internet if you search about it. The only problem with that is that it’s incomplete itself. Humans were just natural species like other animals.

What made us different was the brain. Hard work is important but doesn’t put your brain aside. Smart work always wins at any point.

The next time, if you hear or read any kind of misinformation on productivity, avoid it and sit back to listen to yourself. If you love your work and are serious about it, nothing can replace you with anything.

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His experiences working for top brands like Unilever and Samsonite inspired him to write ‘The Rules of Work. Shivank set out to provide non-bullshitty, fact-based career advice that helps millennial workers get more opportunities and grow their careers faster. This blog is where he documents the daily challenges he and his colleagues face. Check him out on OfficeProductivity.org.

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