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5 Best Ways To Increase Your Productivity In A Work From Home Setting

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Maintain a regular schedule

You don’t know how to work from home or how much you can get done. The truth is everyone has their own rhythm and it will probably be different for each person. If switching to working at home has been a stressful adjustment for you. Work at home is often a lot more flexible. Unless you set up your own schedule, it’s easy to get distracted and slack off.

You can do everything to prevent this problem by maintaining a regular schedule and sticking to it every day. Not only will your work improve, but so will your state of mind. If you can create an efficient flow of productivity in a good routine, then your mood will start trending up as well. So if you’re struggling with low energy or motivation today, just remember that it has nothing to do with working at home! Try setting aside one hour per day on specific days for focused work time.

Set clear boundaries

Working at home is wonderful. But maintaining boundaries between work and home can be difficult. It’s hard to switch off when the emails are still coming in and your phone is always by your side, just in case someone important calls. And even if you do manage to switch off, the chores you put off during the day just keep building up until there’s nothing left for you to do but. Set clear boundaries between your work and home spaces. It’s crucial to be able to set aside time when you’re not at work.

Take regular breaks

It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but if you keep working at a high intensity without a break, your productivity will suffer. Studies have shown that the best way to combat this burnout is to take regular breaks. When you are learning something new, it helps to work through it in stages and give yourself plenty of time to think about what you’ve just done before moving on to the next stage. Take a ‘brain break’ before you get too tired or frustrated and start making mistakes. This is an important thing that you keep working on. If it helps distract you from your tasks for a few minutes then.

Stay connected

The very nature of your work can lead to prolonged periods of isolation and loneliness. This can affect your productivity and motivation. You know that even though you get a thrill from doing your own thing you’ve also got a responsibility to others – both clients and colleagues – to be productive and motivated at work. And when it comes to the latter, staying connected with others really helps.

Meet other people for coffee or lunch every week at least once, more if you can afford it. If your job doesn’t require face-time with others on a daily basis, reach out to colleagues, clients and work peers through social media on a regular basis. This will keep you connected with what is happening in your industry and help motivate you towards achieving your goals.

Celebrate your wins 

It’s easy to get distracted by household chores, kids and pets when you’re working from home. What you get done matters much more than what you didn’t. Take a few moments every evening to celebrate your accomplishments for that day. Invite family and friends over for dinner if that will help, or watch your favourite movie on Amazon Prime together with your significant other (you have one of course?) The important thing is that at the end of the day, you feel good about the things that got done instead of dwelling on the special effects of Star Wars Episode VIII.

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