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Cigars For Beginners: 4 Things To Keep In Mind

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Cigars For Beginners: 4 Things To Keep In Mind

Cigars have an air of class to them. They are viewed as a luxury – something a person with great wealth uses to unwind after a long day. Smoking cigars can be a solitary experience, or it can be done in the presence of friends.

It is a common pastime, with reports suggesting that an estimated 8.6 million adults over 18 currently smoke cigars. Some find that smoking cigars helps them to reduce the number of cigarettes they consume.

Of course, those new to trying cigars might need guidance about what they need to know. With this in mind, here are a few things to remember if you are a beginner in trying cigars.

Learn Cigar Sizing

One thing you will likely notice with cigars is the varying lengths. Known as vitolas, these are the cigar’s length, shape and ring gauge. The length of a cigar is measured in inches by the ring gauge. Those who have smoked cigars for years often keep the rings as small tokens to remind them of the various cigars they have sampled.

Each cigar length has a name, which helps to define it from other cigars. The name helps to identify the length and size of a cigar and the average smoke time. Learning this before you begin smoking cigars will help you to understand the terminology you will likely hear from fellow cigar enthusiasts and sellers.

How To Prepare For Smoking Cigars

Another factor you might have yet to consider is preparing a cigar for smoking. You will quickly learn that smoking a cigar is slightly different from a cigarette. With a cigar, there are a few preparation steps to follow. The first is to cut off the cap with a cigar cutter. After removing the cap, you can draw through and exhale. It is essential that you use a cigar cutter to do this, as using a knife, or worse, your teeth, will not suffice. The cigar cutter should be clean and high-quality, so it neatly slices the cap off the cigar.

Cut 2-3mm of the cap from the cigar in one swift motion. The cap is at the end of the cigar and has been glued on to help keep it fresh. Using an object that is blunt or of poor quality could damage the cigar’s wrapping when removing the cap.

Understand How To Light A Cigar

Lighting a cigar might sound obvious, right? This perception is what helps to differentiate cigar novices from connoisseurs. Cigars are a luxury investment, something that is to be savoured. Choosing a lighter to light your cigar is considered a big no-no amongst the cigar enthusiast community. A lighter can affect the cigar’s taste, with some arguing that it can ruin the taste. Part of the reason is due to the fuel in the lighter. The fuel needed to ignite the spark can affect the taste of the cigar.

Using something with as little odour as possible is the best option for lighting a cigar; striking a match is seen as one of the best options to take. Many who smoke cigars for special occasions will reach for a match to light their cigar. As you become more comfortable with cigars and slowly build your understanding and love for them, you might treat yourself to a cigar torch.

Know Where To Purchase Cigars

Unless you have kindly been gifted a cigar set, you will have to invest in a set of cigars to try. If you are still trying to figure out where to look, ask those you know who are connoisseurs of cigars for their advice and preferences. Your preferences will likely differ from theirs, but this is something that you will gradually learn with time and sampling different options. Take your search online and reach out to experts for advice on the best cigars for beginners.

Your online search might lead you to discover options like Drew Estate Cigars, amongst many other choices available at Tobacco Pipes. Additionally, you might uncover a broader range of cigar brands and businesses. Ensure that you read the reviews left to understand their selection better and if it sounds appealing to you.

Take Your Time 

There’s no rush, so take your time when smoking cigars. Avoid feeling pressured and go at a pace that feels the most comfortable to you. You might find it takes time to adjust from smoking cigarettes to cigars. This is a normal experience when changing habits.

Taking your time will help you to enjoy the pastime of smoking cigars a lot more. You will feel more relaxed and find a pace that suits you best. Over time, you can join in the debates on removing the band before smoking – a question that causes great debate amongst cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

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