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Cars in the Concrete Jungle – All about Car Accidents in New York

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Cars in the Concrete Jungle – All about Car Accidents in New York

Car accidents happen in every part of the world where cars are present. It is impossibly hard to avoid them at this stage of the era as the growth of the global population is a never-ending problem.

It is quite easy to believe that New York, too, as one of the most populated states of the US, caters to car accidents daily.

New York and the car accidents it witnesses

On an annual basis, around 2.35 million people are disabled or injured because of car accidents. The state witnessed around 124,500 collisions in the year of 2013.

It is statistically proven that 5 out of every 100 car accidents that occur in America happen in New York.

On average, motor accidents take away about 1098 lives every year just in New York. About 12,093 hospitalizations take place each year due to car accidents.

What’s causing these car accidents?

Many factors are adding to what causes car accidents in Queens. Sometimes it is carelessness on the part of the driver, but sometimes it’s due to improper infrastructure.

Reasons which include laxity on the driver’s end include;

  1. Rash driving includes driving irresponsibly at high speeds.
  2. Tailgating is when cars do not keep space in between each other whilst driving and end up ramming into each other.
  3. For a driver that is distracted, it is quite common for drivers to be using their phone while driving or fidgeting with other personal materials, which takes away the attention that was initially on the road and ends up in chaos.
  4. Irresponsibly changing lanes includes not using the blinker or changing lanes at increased speeds and with sudden jolts.
  5. Reversing without looking or following the proper process.
  6. Changing lanes at high speeds without looking properly.
  7. Overtaking from the wrong side.
  8. Over speeding, especially in school zones.
  9. Driving without having proper experience.
  10. Running red lights.
  11. Driving under the influence.

Vehicle Malfunction

Vehicle malfunction is also one of the leading causes of accidents. This includes:

  1. Failed breaks.
  2. Tires that are too old and smooth (increases risk of slipping).
  3. Steering wheel defects.
  4. Failure of the engine.
  5. Dimmed or broken lights.
  6. Broken blinker.

The contribution of infrastructure to accidents

When roads are not built properly, it causes more accidents than you would think. These defects consist of:

  1. Roads have flawed geometry.
  2. Not planting traffic signals or stop signs where it is required.
  3. Potholes and uneven roads.
  4. Pooled up water.
  5. Sharp drop-offs.
  6. Absence of lane markers.

Can the number of accidents be lowered?

Just like every other problem, this too has a solution, but it is easier said than done as the laws already exist which are required to cater to this problem and finally put an end to it.

The problem is the disobedience of the law and the disregard for human life that most of the population withholds whilst driving. To bring forth a prominent change in the number of accidents, it is important to increase law enforcement services.

In addition to that, campaigns can be launched for the drivers to watch through marketing which possibly will help with the numbers.

Being a victim of a motor accident

The first and foremost instruction everyone should follow should always be checked for safety and security.

All the people involved should be checked for health immediately. Any fatal or severe injuries should be dealt with immediately.

Being human comes before any and every other step, which is why it should be made sure that everyone is receiving proper medical attention.

Legal Action

Lawyers help victims understand the worth of the damage they have suffered. They get an amount higher than that which would have been paid had there been no lawyer present.

Lawyers such as car accident attorney in Queens also reduce the stress of their clients by taking up their cases entirely and giving the victims time to deal with their own recoveries. The paperwork and all sorts of formalities are shifted to the responsibility of the attorney rather than pestering the client.

Insurance companies prefer not to have to pay large amounts of money, but an attorney will make sure that they do. Perusing the agenda of complete compensation is the attorney’s priority.

This will include: medical costs for the client’s injuries, lost income and wages, harm done to future earnings, property loss, this includes the vehicle that was damaged in the accident, pain, and suffering, and last but not least, the death of a loved one.

It’s reasonable to assume that seeking legal counsel is the victim’s greatest option for ensuring that the offender learns from their mistakes and is made to answer for their careless conduct.

Statistics show that when victims hire attorneys, they can recover enough money to help cover all of the losses incurred as a result of the accident; a significant additional argument in favor of employing a lawyer is the fact that following an accident (be it big or small).

The aftermath of the aftermath

After the accident, the victim might have to undergo tremendous amounts of stress due to the possible loss of their vehicle and other monetary things, but more important to this is if they have suffered to the extent that has made them disabled or handicapped.

This will put their future in jeopardy as they will not be able to function the way they used to before and might not be able to work as effectively, causing them a lifetime of loss.

In addition, this comes with emotional and mental trauma that might result in life-long psychological disorders such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and other upsetting problems.

It comes as no shock that the victim deserves compensation for all that they have lost even though the culprit has also suffered loss, but the difference is that it was the culprit’s actions that caused such a tragedy in the first place; hence the culprit does not get any amount for their loss.

Recovery and Compensation

Many things can be paid for, such as paying medical costs, paying a fine for pain and suffering, losing future earning potential, losing the enjoyment of life, losing a family relationship, experiencing mental anguish, and so forth.

Compensation for all of these things is possible, which will not only make the victim’s recovery process go much more smoothly but will also guarantee that the offender learns their lesson and never engages in such reckless behavior again. It aids law enforcement. A lawyer will always make every effort to see that their client receives the justice they are entitled to.

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