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Best Aluminum Die Castings Manufacturer in Taiwan

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No country is better when it comes to manufacturing aluminum die castings  than Taiwan. With the ability to produce all types of metal products, Taiwan has established itself as one of the top places for manufacturing in Asia.

The country’s ability to manufacture die-cast parts comes from its long history of casting bronze and other metals. Casting bronze is a traditional process that dates back over 2,000 years ago. A significant number of Taiwanese manufacturers are still using this ancient process today.

The Long History of Casting

Scholars have recently traced bronze way back 5000B.C., and they traced it from Mediterranean culture to Chinese Culture. 

Somewhere around 3000 B.C, two different metals were alloyed together. The fusing of two metals made a stronger metal, and that is bronze.  Ancient Sumer may have been the first civilization to fuse tin and copper to make bronze. Because bronze is a harder metal than copper, ancient people used bronze for making tools and weapons.  When bronze was invented, it was also the start of the end of the Stone age. The Bronze Age started around 3300 B.C until 1200 B.C. The ancient Greeks started to use bronze before 3000 B.C., and the British and Chinese civilizations entered the Bronze Age around 1900 B.C. and 1600 B.C.  

In Chinese civilization, the Bronze Age is different from the Bronze Age of Europe and the Middle East. The Chinese Bronze Age began about the year 1700 B.C. In the Shang dynasty’s empire, along the banks of the Yellow River in northern China. The Shang kings reigned over considerably bigger territories at times. The casting of drinking cups and food containers for ancestor worship and state rites was a third, particularly unique duty of bronze artisans in ancient China. 

Because the Chinese developed bronze independently, they devised their own techniques of production. The first Chinese bronzes were cast using a piece-mold method rather than the lost-wax approach utilized by all other Bronze Age cultures. A model of the final bronze item is carved out of another substance, which is then covered in clay. The mold is cut into pieces and removed from the model once the clay has set. After that, the mold is recreated and bronze is poured into it. Craftsmen could carve designs and inscriptions inside the mold, which would appear on the bronze products as raised designs. The bronze worker was able to produce a great degree of sharpness and definition in even the most intricate designs using this technique. Until the end of the Shang dynasty, the piece-mold process was almost certainly the only one in use in China. 

Bronze was used more frequently as a tool-making material throughout the Zhou Dynasty. Affixing bronze plates to leather armor, which provided troops with stronger defense against bronze swords and spears, was one of the most significant advancements for bronze items.

The Shang and Zhou dynasties are known as the Bronze Age of China because bronze, a copper-tin alloy used to make swords, chariot components, and ceremonial vessels, played such a significant role in the material culture at that time.

The Quality Reputation of Taiwan

Taiwanese items were once associated with low-cost, low-quality goods. This image has moved in recent years to things that are well-designed and of great quality. Taiwan is a major player, particularly in the technology sector . Most people are probably unaware that nearly all Apple iPhones and iPads are manufactured in Taiwanese facilities.

Taiwan has a well-developed, modern manufacturing environment that importers should consider. Taiwan is more well-known for its intermediate-goods manufacturing. Rather than being sold directly to end consumers, these items are utilized as inputs in the manufacturing of other goods. From 2006 to 2012, intermediate goods accounted for 78.5 percent of the country’s exports. Electronic components, machinery, and machine tooling equipment make up a large portion of Taiwan’s intermediate goods.

In the first five months of 2020, Taiwan was able to maintain a 1.5 percent average growth rate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the pandemic’s significant impact on the world economy, Taiwan’s export orders climbed by more than 2% in April. A surge in orders for Taiwanese high-tech device exports helped to offset the virus’s impact on traditional manufacturing enterprises at this time.

Top 5 Best Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in Taiwan

Are you looking for an aluminum die castings manufacturer taiwan? We’ve produced a list of the top 5 aluminum die castings manufacturer for you to choose from:

TEAMSWORLD Customized Die Casting and Plastics Injection Molding Solutions Taiwan

Teamsworld is a forward-thinking, B-Corporation dedicated to developing sustainable consumption solutions. The company aims to consume resources and products sustainably and responsibly to meet our needs in the future without damaging the environment. The company connects international buyers with Taiwanese suppliers through integrated consulting solutions for customized metal and plastic parts in the manufacturing sectors. Through this, they can establish flexible and resilient supply chains in the manufacturing industry. 

They provide a variety of services in addition to manufacturing. Surface treatments, heat treatments, and mechanical treatments on aluminum die castings are all available, depending on your demands. They offer design, mold, product, finish treatment, and assembly services for zinc die-casting. Plastic injection parts can include surface treatments, oem die casting, sonic welding, and CNC machining. They offer individualized service for a wide range of surface treatments, allowing you to receive a one-stop-shop for all of your needs.

          Peng Ming Enterprise Company

For nearly 30 years, Peng Ming Enterprise Company, better known as Taiwan Die Casting Company, has been in operation. Taiwan Die Casting is a certified ISO 9001 company. The company has offices, research and development, warehouse, and manufacturing facilities in a 10,000-square-foot industrial park in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, ROC. 

From metal die casting machines to pressure die-casting, milling machines, polishing machines, CNC Routers, sandblasters, and lathes, Peng Ming Enterprise Company has a vast range of machines to handle just about any type of job. They’ve also worked with Zinc and Aluminum alloys, so they can work with just about any material a customer needs. Taiwan Die Casting has a strong quality control system in place to ensure that you receive high-quality components on time. 

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd

Lai Jinchi, the founder of Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd., began machining wood lathes in 1947 and then moved on to manufacturing aluminum items. Initially, the company primarily produced gravity sand casting and aluminum die casting parts using self-built die casting equipment, as well as bailer, electric fans, motors, and other industrial items. Their plant currently has 11 automatic die-casting machines with capacities ranging from 125 to 800 tons. Auto components, agricultural machinery parts, electronic parts, motor housing, DIY woodworking machines, and other industries are among the products available. 

They focus on casting design reviews with clients prior to mold development to ensure suitable mold development for each design. Increase the value of aluminum alloy die castings and eliminate the risk of future defects. In addition to polishing, grinding, hand grinding, drilling, tapping, and CNC lathes, milling machines, and various other types of surface treatment processing services, the company also provides post-processing services. They also export to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and other countries directly.

Ted-Yue Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd

Ted-Yue Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd., specializing in precision aluminum and zinc die casting, was founded in 1983. The company’s performance has been remarkable in recent years, and TEDYUE has been ISO 9001/2000 certified since 2007. Die casting and molds have been a part of their manufacturing ability and experience for many years. Mold design and production, precision die casting, a variety of surface treatments, including CNC processing, drilling and tapping, vibratory grinding, and multi-color electroplating and coating, as well as the assembly process, are all available to ensure high-quality products and efficient delivery processes. They produce a wide range of aluminum and zinc die castings, from simple to complex designs, including LED/lighting components, electrical components, vehicle parts, and industrial hardware components, among other things. In addition, they provide design and OEM services.     

         HF-TI Precision Molding Manufacture Co., Ltd

 HF-TI Precision Molding Manufacture Co., Ltd. was formed in 1996. They specialize in precision zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting, and plastic injection molding customized goods, with a particular focus on precision die-casting and thin wall products. As a world-class provider of zinc and aluminum alloy die-casting parts, as well as your best partner in zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting, and plastic injection molding,  the company has a strong mold technology team at its core. They will provide the greatest service and high-quality products to all consumers. To accomplish so, they have obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification system and are committed to continuous quality improvement and control. They provide not just low prices, but also excellent quality and prompt delivery.

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