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6 Ways Project Time Tracking Software Helps Your Business Grow

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While you must have heard a lot about time management solutions, many organizations are still skeptical about it. Well, we get you. Earning your team’s trust can get tough. 

But, if you wish to convert time logs into invoices easily and manage other aspects too in a butter-smooth manner, then the solution is worth a try. 

The easiest way to convince your team for the same is to ask them to read this post and then make a decision. 

1. Finish Projects Faster

Time tracking software lets you identify roadblocks and deal with them maturely. Suppose your colleague takes a lot of time to write a blog; what could be the reason behind this. 

In both cases, you can check why your team members are struggling and give them the due support needed. Often, clarifying tasks and discussing them with colleagues can help you find an efficient way to deal with work issues. 

2. Pave the way for Organized Remote Work 

You can easily organize remote teams with time tracking solutions. If you are looking forward to making a remote or hybrid team, time tracking will help you maintain realistic deadlines for all tasks. 

Besides, you will be able to encourage employees to take their work more seriously and stay more productive while working from home. 

To set the right deadlines, you can always check on previous data and analyze the time it will take to complete that project. 

3. Increase Productivity

An average employee gives only 2.5 hours of productive work on an 8-hour day. This is because there are tons of meetings, discussions and other things that pop up. 

While these small tasks can suck up time, they do not contribute to the revenue. However, you can prevent these scenarios by identifying the most time-consuming tasks sooner. 

The knowledge of where your team’s time is spent will help your employees become more productive. Besides, you will be able to reduce activities that eat up the most time. So, go ahead, and look at the project breakdown and then only assign tasks. 

4. Measure Success In A Fair Manner

By recognizing your team’s work and efforts, you can also encourage other employees to put in more effort. You can also reward your employees better with time tracking and also create a workflow for simplified task management. 

You can also hold weekly and monthly discussions to identify tasks that eat the most time and plan to eliminate distractions. 

Besides, you can also suggest to them some tools that can automate labor-intensive tasks to make them more productive. 

5. Focus on The Right Clientele

When you know where your time being spent, then only can you work on projects that bring you the maximum ROI? Besides, a good online invoicing software will give you insights that can help you focus on delivering better services and say no to unprofitable dealings.

By analyzing your teams’ timesheets, checking the revenue each client brings, you can understand the best projects you are working on and even make your ideal buyer persona.

You can also help your sales team close better deals by warming up relations with the leads you currently have in your marketing funnel. 

Thus, an online invoice payment software can help you manage sales, get paid on time, access advanced analytics, generate the best of reports, and even provide time tracking modules. 

So, if you are still thinking it is a good investment or not, it is time to ditch the fears and surge ahead. 

6. Create Comprehensive Project Estimates 

Let’s say you told your client that your team would need 50 hours to complete a project. But, due to some technical issues, they ended up spending 70 hours in total. 

Now, if you don’t have a time tracking software in place, you may end up getting paid for 40 hours and losing out on profits. But, with a reporting solution at your fingertips, you can show the 20 extra hours you have worked and get paid for the same. 

Wrapping Up 

This is how time tracking software can help you boost business growth. When your team stays in the know-how of projects and has an in-depth understanding of deadlines that need to be followed, you will be able to make better profits and scale your business with ease. 

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