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Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date: Which New Materials and Adventures Will Be Shown?

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Attack on Titan Season 5 Release DateSeason 4 – Part 2 of Attack on Titan is now available. Don’t be surprised. It’s not over. The next episode of the final season is yet not out.

Attack on Titan is a popular anime series with nearly ten years of runtime. The series’ long running time ensured that it never failed to disappoint with its plotlines or forced fillers.

Attack on Titan, a Japanese dark fantasy anime series, debuted in 2013. It has received a lot of praise and a large fan base worldwide.

It is currently in its fourth season. The series has been divided into multiple parts. Part 1 of the series’ last season aired between December 7, 2020 and March 29, 2021. Part 2 aired on January 10, 2022. Part 3 aired on April 4, 2022 in Japan.

Fans have speculated since then about the possibility of Attack on Titan’s fifth season.

Is Season 5 of Attack on the Earth Coming?


Season 5 of Attack on Titan may be on the way to pleasing viewers. The Final Season might have noticed that producers still have much to say about Eren and Armin, Mikasa and many other characters as well as the titans.

Attack on Titan is an anime series that has been running for a while. Season 5 will be a bit longer than the previous seasons.

Fans who have followed Eren Yiager and other artists since the beginning shouldn’t be worried about the wait. They have waited 9 years for new seasons.

What will be the storyline for Attack on Titan Season 5?

The Final Season of Attack on Titan presents a challenge because it has three parts. Each part has its own storyline. Part 2 was slowed down and Part 3, also known by Attack on Titan Season 5, will have 8 to 13 episodes depending on the manga and producers’ choices.

We hope they will take their time with this episode. After all, we have been waiting for a while.

It has also been speculated that Attack on Titan Season 5 may continue through the events of Chapter 1 of the manga.

Attack on Season 5 Characters


On April 3, 2022, Attack on Titan, Part 2 was over. Viewers had much to digest: twists and betrayals and revelations about the show’s stars, The Titans.

We finally reached a point in which our heroes were pursuing Eren and armies of Titans were awakened from their sleep within the walls. This was all due to the Rumbling’s events.

The Rumbling was intended to stop Zeke’s attempt to steal the human ability of generation from the giants who can change. You can expect to see Armin Alert ( Marina Inoue), Mikasa Ickerman (Yui Ishiwaka) and the rest of the Scouting Regiment members during Attack on Titan Season 5.

Reiner Braun and other Marleyans joined forces to stop Eren.

Attack on Titan Season 5: Zeke, Eren and Armin.

Attack on Season 5 Production Studio


Attack on Titan continues with today’s episode, “Dawn of Humanity”. It has been announced that the show will return for a second series. The new season will be called Season 5 by many fans, but it will continue Season 4.

We are glad that the program continues to be successful, but some fans are disappointed by the length of Season 4, also known as the “last season”, which took so long.

Season 4 Part 1 premiered in January 2021. The manga was not even finished at the time. An April release date was expected. Season 4 Part 2 debuted in January 2022 and was being promoted in marketing materials as the last season.

Season 4 Part 3 is sometimes called Season 5 by some. It’s the third part of the last season.

Because Season 4 Part 1 was referred to by the production studio as the last season, the season is so long. They were not sure how long the manga would last or what would happen after it was completed.

They may have believed animating the ending would be simpler and quicker than it actually was.

 Attack on Season 5 Release Date

Episode 87 of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 has been released. Shortly after, the production company announced some shocking news that shocked many of its fans.

Season 5 Episode 3 of Attack on Titan, also known by Season 4 Part 3 will be shown in 2023. This premiere marks the tenth anniversary of the original episode’s premiere in 2013.

A teaser was shown towards the end of the program and it seems that the news is true. The official website also has the same information.

On the official website, the following was posted: “It has been confirmed that Attack on Titan’s last season will air on NHK General TV

Mikasa and Armin Levi and the Survey Corps members, Reiner, Falco and Gabi who are all working together to stop Eren’s spread, will be seeing you again.

You should mark your calendars for 2023 when Attack on Titan Season 5 marks the 10th anniversary. Attack on Titan will have nine episodes, unless they follow the manga, which is unlikely. The additional episodes will be available in February 2023.


The eagerly awaited anime won’t be back for a fifth season. Attack on Titan’s official Twitter account says that the anime will soon be available. The upcoming season will not be released. Season 4 is the last installment. The final episode is yet to be released.

This announcement was made via a tweet by the official account. It read: “TV Anime Attack on Titan’ The Final Season Final Edition Broadcast on NHK General TV in 2023!”


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