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A short guide to selecting the right wallpapers for your home

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Wall design is more than an exercise of aesthetics. It involves a considerable amount of cost and time. Colourful and patterned wallpaper work as an interesting design element that can change the feel and look of any interior space. In addition to that, wallpapers infuse an artistic edge to the interior of the building, camouflaging imperfections of the walls while ensuring easy, quick and dust-free installation. Sometimes choosing the right wallpapers may be a daunting task. You need to consider many factors like styles, colours, textures and patterns. Knowing what to look for will help you to make an informed decision. So, by reading this article, you will get to make an informed decision for wallpapers:

Right colour

Accentuate the wall in a contrasting shade or select the colour of the wallpaper according to the colour of your room. For a peaceful and calm interior, you can choose natural-toned 
designer wallpaper. You should note that light colours will reflect the light, and it will have an impact on the bright and airy look. At the same time, dark colours will absorb the light, and it will make the space look much smaller than it actually was. But, the more intense the colour is, the more exciting it will be.

Suitable style

Choose large-scale patterns with dramatic colours to give a formal look to your designer wallpaper. If you want a fun and bright style, then pick small motifs that are open and regularly spaced like polka dots. Never forget the decorative impact of the borders. Available in all sorts of styles and motifs, from wildlife images to sports scenes, borders can quickly establish the theme of the room. 

Small and Large patterns

It’s a misconception that you must select according to the size of the room, like small patterns for smaller rooms and larger patterns for larger rooms. You can certainly try this, but the design may look mundane. A large wallpaper on small paper can be an interesting and dramatic choice to make. You may also choose a large design when the space is broken up by doors, windows and built-in furniture. In this kind of scenario, a small pattern creates stunning visuals with teasing breaks and hints of patterns and colours.

Mix and Match wisely to create an optical illusion

A room without a pattern can be boring. At the same time, a room with many patterns can cause restlessness. When mixing floral, stripes or plaids in a room or between adjacent areas, pick the patterns that have the same colour or same value to that colour. Wall covering books mostly group designs by colour to make the coordination easy. Go for the wallpapers with horizontal stripes to make the teller space look shorter. While the vertical stripes on the wallpaper can make the room appear taller. Make it a point to use mostly the soft shades of wallpaper in spaces with a low ceiling.

Bottom Line

It is easy to choose a good interior wallpaper for your rooms when you follow these design tips. Transform the plain room into a dramatic or lush tropical retreat with the perfect wallpaper treatment.

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