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7 Tips for Kiosk Owners to Attract Customers

by deny

One of the biggest challenges of setting up kiosks is getting customers. It involves attracting the customers first, engaging them, and finally making sales. However, the kiosk’s flexibility and movability are far easier to attract customers than the traditional brick-and-mortar model. You can also easily manage your overheads with fewer rental and maintenance costs.

A better way is to make an easier approach for the customers by setting up kiosks in high footfall areas, like malls, busy street corners, outside packed shops and buildings, and storefronts. Regardless, your chosen place must resonate with your target audience. For example, if you are selling street food, a better way is to set up outside shopping centers so people can eat after shopping.

The kiosk design, marketing collateral, promotions, and discounts also play a vital role in attracting customers. Doing something out of the box, getting creative with street performances, and offering free samples are great tactics to launch your kiosk in the market. Let us look at some other areas that you can look into to convert your audience into potential buyers.

  1. Select Purpose-Driven Kiosk Design

You must select the right kiosk to attract the right customers. Keep your product, merchandise, and requirements in mind when going kiosk shopping. Look for sources that will provide attractive and well-functioning kiosks. For example,Gallery Carts manufactures retail kiosks, so be sure to check out their services.

For example, if your product consists of food items, you would probably require a portable stove, a cooling station, a microwave, and a working station for assembling. You would require a storage facility to stock your inventory for clothing and accessories. Your stall must be functional, visually appealing, and work for you and your customers. Select the right colors, banners, paintings, and props that go with whatever you are selling. You can also order a custom-made kiosk to fulfill all your kiosk requirements.

  • Division of Labor

Always have at least one other person besides yourself at the stall for various reasons. It is especially important for food stalls. You need to be present, able to deliver orders quickly, tend to your customers patiently, and handle bill payments. Divide these tasks between different people.

Unless the kiosk is your sole sales outlet, have at least one person from every department provide input to the stall. If you are setting up a kiosk for an event or a festival, do not assign more than one task to each stall attendant. One should handle the orders while the other prepares the bill. Similarly, have a marketing and sales expert deal with anyone that comes to your stall to guide them.

  • Have a Marketing Plan in Place

You cannot simply book a stall and start selling. For your efforts to bear fruit, take the time to plan everything down to the last detail. Identify a market opportunity. For example, a shopping festival. Then, analyze the potential footfall to see if your target market will attend. For example, you must only display furniture pieces if it is a furniture selling opportunity.

Your next possible step will be getting an estimate of the people at the event, festival, or mall. Please plan your inventory accordingly. For example, if you expect to make at least 1,000 sales out of a footfall of 5,000 people, then you must manage your inventory and back orders accordingly.

Moreover, assigning sales targets and offering sales bonuses to salespeople will also help motivate and boost the performance of stall attendants. Lastly, you must have your marketing department prepare marketing collateral to promote and publicize your presence at the site on the said date and time in relevant market spaces.

  • Make it Interactive

Interacting and engaging with the audience is always best, especially during events and festivals. Self-service kiosks, LMD screens, touchscreens, digital ordering, and a chance to try your product can successfully entice shoppers and elevate engagement.

Letting customers create personalized products and understanding them can change their outlook on your brand. Even if they do not buy, it will leave a positive imprint on their minds, and they may reach out to you whenever they need your service or product.

  • Keep Your Quality Consistent

Maintaining a positive brand image of your product anywhere you sell is very important. You must never compromise on quality, whether the kiosk, your services, your product, raw materials, operational equipment, or the ordering system. Since everything is very much transparent in a stall, quality sets a benchmark for your brand image.

People who come to your kiosk may not have known about your brand. Therefore, creating lasting impressions is extremely crucial in converting potential customers into buyers.

  • Brighten It Up

To improve the visibility of your kiosk among several other stalls, make it as prominent as possible. People must find your stall eye-catching to approach it. For this purpose, you can light it up, display attractive pieces, use bright colors, clear your marketing message, and play loop videos or demonstrations of how to use your product.

The more attractive and easy to spot your stall is, the more footfall you will experience. A purpose-driven marketing plan will help you achieve this. Clear graphics and designs, readability, main text, and the right mix of colors will help make your stall stand out from the crowd.

  • Run a Campaign

If you set up your kiosk daily, you can run a campaign for a day, a week, or a month, depending on your idea. Do explore social media to run your campaign. Go live on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube and make it fun and engaging. Post reels on social media to pull customers from their homes.

Host live games, lucky draws, competitions, giveaways, participation bonuses, etc., and reward your customers. It will make your audience interested in your business and your product. It may even boost your social media following.


Before setting up your kiosk, follow these six techniques to attract customers, get engagement, and convert your stall visitors into paying customers. If you keep your quality consistent, select the right kiosk design, devise a marketing plan, divide tasks among your people, and make it interactive, you will experience increased customer engagement.

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