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6 Worthwhile Digital Marketing Strategies

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6 Worthwhile Digital Marketing Strategies

Having an effective digital marketing plan is more important than ever. According to research company Statista, global e-commerce sales total around $8.1 trillion. If you’re not using cbd marketing agency,  you’re leaving business behind. Here are six essential tactics for building your digital marketing plan.


1. Automate Your Sales Funnel

It’s helpful to think of your sales funnel as the journey taken by your customers with your business. The road from cold lead to repeat customer can be a difficult one. The core of successful digital marketing is making this road as smooth as possible. Leveraging automation is one way to do this. Customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation systems can help make the most of limited time and resources. Don’t neglect the power of cloud-based applications, either. Financial companies are adopting fintech solutions, while insurtech has made its way to the insurance industry. Automation translates to efficiency.

2. Focus Marketing Efforts on Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for drawing attention. Social media marketing lends itself well to both multichannel and omnichannel strategies. Indeed, both have their virtues in social media marketing. For example, it’s relatively simple to broaden your reach by partnering with influencers. Video platforms like YouTube or TikTok can show your offerings in action versus letting people take your word for it.

One of the most impactful social media strategies remains written content. Blog posts can be intelligent and thoughtful. They also quickly and inexpensively communicate your company’s vision and values. Your customers are living much of their lives on social media. So should your brand.

3. Leverage SEO and PPC Tactics

Long-form written content (like blogging) has always lent itself well to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO uses keywords to get your sites ranked higher by search engine algorithms. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement also makes use of digital visibility. In PPC, an advertiser pays each time one of their ads is clicked. Similarly, search engine advertising lets advertisers bid for ad placement in a given search engine’s sponsored links. All of these methods bank on the nature of the internet itself to generate leads.

4. Know Your Niche

Getting as many leads as possible is one strong strategy. Focusing on a specific target audience is another. The advantages of niche marketing are a lack of competition and less price sensitivity among consumers. Niche marketing can, unfortunately, be a high-stakes game. Rapid changes in demand can leave your company in the lurch. For this reason, market research is crucial. Whether you’re using quantitative demographic data or qualitative impressions (and you should be using both), consistent research can help keep you ahead of shifting expectations.

5. Define Your Unique Brand 

In a crowded market, what makes you different? Standing out from the crowd consists of two fundamental aspects: brand differentiation and brand distinctiveness. Differentiation centers around your unique selling proposition (USP). Offering a singular product (or product quality) is differentiation. Distinctiveness, on the other hand, is about recognition. Symbols, iconography, and even your trademark color scheme are all ways to separate your brand from others in your industry in the minds of consumers. Tasty soda is a differentiation. White cursive on red is distinctive, and it is clearly Coca-Cola.

6. Nurture Authentic Relationships

Digital automation can be helpful, but there’s such a thing as too much. Market research speaks to the limits of the automated approach. A well-known study showed that 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth suggestions from friends and family over any other channel. For this reason, authenticity is emerging as the key to lasting success. Whether you communicate your authenticity through empathetic customer service or by expressing a responsible company vision (or both), keeping it real leads to greater customer loyalty.

Digital marketing can be tricky. No single solution or strategy can generate the leads and conversions you need. Take a flexible approach to outreach while keeping focused on your company’s distinctive offerings. These tips are only a starting point.

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