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5 Ways to Use Color to Make a Small Space Appear Bigger

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An entire segment of science remains dedicated to studying the psychology of color. Other professionals study what colors people should wear to work and how colors make spaces seem larger.

When it comes to making small spaces appear bigger, interior designers and color experts believe that color can create the illusion of more area.


In addition to adding more space, color can also create an ambiance. The good news is that you can combine the two and create a home that you want to enjoy every day.


The Science of Color


Experts believe that warm colors arouse emotions. Warm colors include red, yellow, and orange. On the other hand, cool colors evoke calmness, sadness, and indifference. Cool colors include blue, green, and purple. 


In terms of color and creating the illusion of greater roominess, experts point out that dark colors absorb light. Therefore, they make spaces look smaller. With this information, we surmise that light colors work best for creating more room.


Light colors include white, neutrals, and grays. These colors and shades are also among the best-selling for many paint retailers. 


Now that we know the best colors to use, we can look at how to use them in your home.


The following are five ways to use color to make a small space appear bigger.


1. Paint the Walls


To make a small space appear bigger with color, start by painting the walls with light colors. In addition, it’s best to use the same color for all the walls. 


Some individuals decide to give each room a different personality with different colors. That works too. For example, you might opt to paint the living room with a neutral tan and the kitchen with a classic off-white color.


Even though it’s not the lightest color, a bedroom benefits from a beautiful shade of blue. 


2. Dress the Floor


Now you can dress the floor. Rugs made a comeback as builders have started to leave the floors bare in new homes.


This allows the homeowner to pick how they want to dress the floors. If you opt for rugs, you’ll notice that an array of types remain at your disposal. For example, pick from:


  • Antique
  • Modern
  • Art deco
  • Traditional


In this case, pick a white floor rug that has minimal patterns, colors, and adornments as it can be used to add texture, harmony, and richness to your living areas. Therefore, many will resemble those of the modern era.


You’ll find the white rugs in various varieties, such as Adore Dream White Silver, Angie White Shag, and Spectacle White. That will easily match your light-colored walls and help make spaces look bigger.


3. Contrast Colors


Painting the walls in the same color allows you to contrast them with accents.


Accents include painting the trim a dark brown, terracotta, or navy blue. Then, extend the concept to the furnishings. For example, if you purchase a white couch to match your off-white walls, pick yellow, purple, or twilight blue for the pillows.


4. Dress the Windows


How you dress the windows helps make the space appear bigger too. Simply apply the same color logic by dressing them with light colors. 


In addition, avoid heavy fabrics. Since light colors give a room an airy feel, use the same strategy on the windows. 


Professionals in the window realm recommend opting for white cotton curtains. They believe that the fabric holds up well over time. Plus, cotton is great for creating a draping effect. 


Other fabrics to consider include:


  • Linens
  • Silk
  • Lightweight wool


Each fabric will also add texture to the rooms.


5. Completement with Lighting


To complete the look and space, complement it with lighting. When more light spreads throughout a room, it will look bigger. The dining room and foyers with high ceilings always look more majestic when the homeowner hangs the perfect chandelier.


If a chandelier won’t fit in the space, consider installing wall lights. Pendant lights help make ceilings look taller and recessed lighting makes rooms look more spacious too.




When you have time to repaint your home’s interior and match new furnishings to it, it’s time to have some fun with the potential color combinations. You can use white, neutrals, and grays as the base. Then, mix in your favorite colors for the perfect look and to make the space seem bigger.

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