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5 Ways to Make Your Home Luxurious

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Whether you own a home or have an apartment, it’s important to make your living space your own. And what better way to do that than to add a little luxury to the mix? 

Making your home more luxurious is a great way to treat yourself and create a gorgeous living space in the process. Everyone wants to walk home from a long day and love what they see. Luckily, adding luxury to your home isn’t all too difficult. So if you are trying to elevate your space, here are five ways to make your home luxurious. 

  1. Add Details to Your Space

One of the easiest ways to make your home look more luxurious is to add beautiful details to your space. You can connect with residential tile installation connecticut experts to do the best job for you and make the area from drab to fab.

To do this, you should lean towards sleek and chic details to add to your spaces with higher-end materials. These materials include smooth, dark woods, metals like gold and brass, and stone like marble. 

Try swapping out your old nightstand for a sleek one with dark wood and marble finishes. Then bring the room together with gold decorations like ornaments or candles. 

You can also go for vintage-looking pieces to add to your space. Not only do vintage furniture and decorations have beautiful details to them, but they’ll also give your space an older charm that instantly adds luxury. 

  1. Put Up Temporary Wallpaper 

Another easy way to add elegant details to your space is to create an accent wall. Instead of painting and intricate design, you can find beautiful temporary wallpapers instead. 

Temporary wallpaper comes in endless designs, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that will compliment your space. 

  • To make your wallpaper more luxurious, stick to simple and sharp patterns, or solid colors. You can go bold with a dark green or royal blue wall. Or keep it simple and stick with neutral tones that will open up your space. Tile flooring is a viable option for a house, especially when you need waterproofing and luxury. Floor tiles are a great option for areas that have high areas of moisture, such as a bathroom.
  1. Update Your Old Fixtures 

Many homes come with outdated light fixtures and hardware in areas, like the kitchen. A way to make your home more luxurious is to update these fixtures. Keep an eye out for modern lights that will compliment your home. You can even try adding light fixtures in sleek metals throughout your home for added details. 

Other fixtures that you should keep an eye out for are handles on your furniture. You can elevate your kitchen by simply swapping out old drawer handles for modern brass hardware. 

You can also do this on cabinets and dressers throughout the bedrooms in your home. Creating a luxurious space is all about the details. So pay attention to old fixtures that you could easily update to make your home more luxurious. 

  1. Try Neutrals 

Sticking to a neutral color palette in your home will instantly make it feel more luxurious. Try going for beiges, grays, blacks, and whites. Not only are neutrals pleasing to the eye, but they can also open up a space and make it feel clean. 

Having sleek rooms with neutral colors will help you keep them decluttered and feel more luxurious than rooms filled with hues and colors that clash with one another. 

  1. Mix Textiles 

There are textiles all throughout our homes. Whether it is the fabric on the couches and chairs or the bedding that you choose for your master suite. 

Mixing different textures and textiles can add another element of detail to your home and make it feel much more luxurious. You can easily mix textiles in your living room by adding intriguing throw pillows and large throw blankets. 

You can do the same in bedrooms by mixing and matching textiles on the bedding and curtains. It’s important to create spaces that you will love and that are functional in your home. Check out this guide to bedroom essentials to make sure you have everything you need before adding the luxurious details. 


Making your home more luxurious doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Creating luxury is all about adding details to make your space feel more high-end. Whether you’re trying different textiles, working with a neutral color scheme, or adding some gold hardware, there are plenty of ways to make your home more luxurious. Just don’t forget to add some of your own styles to your home even if you want to add some higher-end details.

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