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5 New Attendance Management System Features To Track And Implement In Your Firm

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Attendance Management

Tracking employees’ leave and attendance is necessary but requires constant attention. However, an attendance management system automated multiple tasks for HR leaders. Its features consistently update and make the employee experience smooth.

There are now several leave and attendance management software in the market. If you’re planning to upgrade your current leaves and attendance system, best is that you read the features below. 

This blog will guide you to the latest features common in the attendance management tool, like the one embedded in the uKnowva HRMS. 

Features You Must Not Miss Out On In Your Next Attendance Management System

Virtual attendance management 

Companies can use the virtual biometric system aligned and integrated with the attendance management system in the HRMS. This will automate and streamline daily check-in and -out for employees. 

They use the system despite their current or ongoing work locations. Remote workers are at an advantage to never missing out on their daily attendance marks. 

Employees can mark their attendance from any location as long as the network is fine. The system automatically marks your absence if you don’t check in on time. However, it gives you flexible provisions to regularise the attendance in case of reasonable delays. 

Transparent leave management

The leave management system works closely with the attendance management system. It must be present in the HRMS you choose. It helps HR teams and leaders to configure total leaves and their categories, and regularise the same. 

Employees must easily read their leaves count from the system. They should know how many optional, personal, casual, medical, and other leaves they are eligible for in a given month. 

The system also allows employees, irrespective of their working station, to apply for a day off. Their reporting managers instant notifications for either rejecting or approving the same. 

This process eliminates lengthy steps from applying to the approval of leaves. Employees can schedule their necessary days off months in advance using the leaves calendar in the system. 

This is one of the features prominent in uKnowva HRMS’s leaves and attendance system. 

Employee roster and schedule management

HR leaders and generalists have to set their employees’ roster and schedules. For the same purpose, they need the attendance management software in place, which is highly flexible. 

Some organisations have multiple, rotational, or 24/7 shifts where employees keep coming and going. There could not be only a single shift for every employee. Modern startup and corporate houses now allow flexible and hybrid employee shifts. 

Employees have to complete their working hours and deliverables. Their roster management is swift, smooth, automated, and often flexible. 

HR leaders also check what type of allowance to give each worker against each roster or schedule. They can rectify errors in the rosters in the calendar in case of emergencies. It makes the allocation of the workforce to different timelines easy. 

Employees must also get timely notifications directly from the roster in the attendance management system. From there, they know when they have to show up to work. In most cases, employees can also apply for adjustments if their current roster plan is unsuitable. 

However, that flexibility might be acceptable in every firm. 

Workers must consult HRs or the company policies before asking for impromptu adjustments in their schedule. 

Automated timesheets management

Timesheet is an integral part of the attendance management software. You must look out for this feature in any possible HRMS. Without the presence of this feature, using the latest leaves and attendance tool will not be effective as such. 

Timesheet management helps employees track projects and their deliveries. Their calendar tracks all daily meetings, work pending, and completed tasks.

However, employees have to manually enter the details about the projects in the timesheets when not bound by time.

Timesheets automatically align your meetings when integrated with the uKnowva HRMS and registered email ID. So, you don’t have to manually add your meetings to the timesheets. 

Timesheet management can also send important reminders to employees about their upcoming meetings. This way, they never miss out on critical meet-ups with team members or other clients/customers. 

Employees can have their project schedule on time with numerous automated and streamlining features in the timesheets. Their managers get instant notifications or alerts when any new project is on the calendar. 

Managers overview the delivery, timelines, and required resources in the description of each project or task. Later, they help approve or reject any task or project they find irrelevant to their team as per the current roster. 

The team gets instant notifications on cancelled projects or meetings to improve their overall efficiency at the given hour. 

Live reports

The next attendance management software you choose must include live reporting. It will improve how your HR leaders and managers work with their employees. They know if their employees take their jobs seriously by returning to work on time.

They gauge the live reports about workforce punctuality and discipline as a whole. The live reports alert them whether most workers are not turning up as per their schedule roster. 

The live reporting system also discerns any outliers regarding the fluctuating behaviour of the employee. HR leaders need this functionality assembled at the backend of the desired attendance management system

The information they glean is real, factual, and free from bias. Strategic decision-making improves using live reports assembled in the dashboard. 


The most desired attendance management system can have multiple other features. With advancements in HR technologies every day, automation is becoming the new norm. 

The leaves and attendance system you get from the uKnowva HRMS provides you with multiple advantages. Besides the above features, HR leaders can predict the right attrition, retention, and other rates from the datasets. 

These bites of information help them make a note of their workforce quality. These datasets from the leave and attendance system can give changemakers the right picture after integrating with other HRMS features like project and appraisal management.

In short, the modern attendance management software is something which growing companies mustn’t miss out on.

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