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Options for Receding Hairlines

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Some people experience thinning or loss of hair in some hair sections like the temples, hairlines, or center of the head. These receding hairlines can make people self-conscious about their hair’s appearance. Various treatment methods are available for receding hairlines, such as a hairline tattoo, surgical treatments, or medications. Practitioners help their clients navigate the treatment process and after-care procedures, including maintaining and styling their hair.

Signs of a Receding Hairline

Understanding how to differentiate between a normal and receding hairline is essential. A receding hairline has defining hair patterns that aren’t consistent with normal hairlines. (Keep in mind that a high hairline doesn’t necessarily mean that one has a receding hairline!) Look out for these signs of receding hairlines:

  • Hair begins thinning
  • An uneven hairline
  • More shedding than normal

Solutions to Receding Hairline

With advanced technology in the medical and cosmetic fields, interested individuals have a variety of solutions available to restore the hairline. Hairline tattoos are one such solution that is growing rapidly in popularity! Discussing this option with a certified scalp micropigmentation practitioner will give you a clear picture of what to expect during the process and what to expect in the results.

Getting a Hairline Tattoo

Inking a tattoo on the receded hairline follicles helps restore the appearance of a fuller hairline. It is an intricate process that takes approximately three to four sessions with an artist.

In the first session, the artist will examine the hairline condition and advise on the procedure. In the following sessions, the practitioner will inject dots to mirror the hairlike structures in depth and appearance. This process takes time and effort because of the attention to detail required, and the depth the artist has to cover. Practitioners will use a numbing cream on the client to prevent feeling any pain throughout the process.

Still, the ease of the process for the client makes it more preferred as it is non-invasive and allows one more flexibility with hairstyles.

Treating (and Styling) Scalp Micropigmentation

After the process has been completed, your practitioner will instruct you as to how you should help your micropigmentation heal smoothly and stay visually effective. This includes activities you should avoid for the first few days after finishing and any topical medications that may soothe the tattooed area.

With scalp micro pigmentation, one may need to keep shorter hair to maintain the authenticity of the “full” appearance. There are a number of styles that are short enough to maintain that density while still giving you some control over your look. 

Hairstyles That Befit a Receding Hairline

The primary aim of such haircuts is to draw attention away from hairline tattoos. There are different ways to manipulate short hair with a hairline tattoo to get the perfect look. A stylist can use facial features to develop the best style for the client. They know how to best shape their client’s hair while highlighting features of the face strategically. Here are some haircuts to consider.

Buzz Cut

This is the most popularized style by the army and some fashion designers. It draws attention away from the hair to other facial features. The buzz cut thins out edges using zero or a double zero shave while shaving the top of the hair at a two. This is a very basic, standard cut, but don’t commit to it before consulting the barber. They will analyze your facial features and determine if it fits you.

Clean Shave

A clean shave is often a safe bet for most people. It’s straightforward and confident! If you are apprehensive about how a buzz cut might look, go for a clean shave. But like buzzcut, don’t get this haircut without consultation. It might be simple, but you should still take caution about how it fits the shape of your head.

High Fade

A high fade cut resembles a buzz cut but keeps the hair at the center much longer to cover the receding hairlines. One can choose to dye and style the hair into a high fade, comb-over, French crop, or the famous slick back. This haircut best fits if your hair is already naturally longer so that it can sufficiently cover the receding hairline. 

The Perks of the Hairline Tattoo

Getting a hairline tattoo is the first step in maintaining a hairstyle you’ll love. There aren’t any overwhelming challenges in caring for and maintaining the hairline after a tattoo treatment. If you style your hair with a buzz cut, you’ll have a much easier time managing and keeping a good appearance with your receding hairlines. The key is to avoid haircuts that draw attention to the hairline. Instead, let the haircut allow people to focus away from it. If you cannot decide which haircut suits you after treatment, consult your barber for an expert opinion.

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