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4 Foods to Help You Gain Weight

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Foods to Help You Gain Weight

Ask a skinny person what they want in life and the only answer you’ll get is that “I wanna gain weight.” Everyone surrounding a skinny person will only give him tips to go to the gym or drink several kinds of drinks. However, there are certain types of foods that can be consumed in order to gain weight.  Before you run for medication and supplementation try and eat healthy food options. 

Doctors in the top hospitals in Islamabad say that gaining muscle is more difficult than losing muscle. A lot of people start to lose weight when they start eating less but for most people, it is not possible to gain weight even when they eat full meals three times a day. The main reason behind this is the bad choice of foods that are opted by people in order to gain weight. A lot of people run after the consumption of junk food and fried food which is the last thing I would advise you to eat. 

There are other healthier and easy to make options that I can advise you to eat if you are looking for ways to gain weight. If you want to know, keep on reading. 

  • Milk

Milk contains proteins, carbohydrates, and good portions of fat. It is already known that it is an excellent source of calcium along with other minerals. The amount of protein that is found in the milk is the trigger that causes weight gain in people. 

In the building of the muscle the nutrient that is needed the most is called protein. Especially skimmed milk s said to do wonders. I would suggest you go for skimmed milk more than whale milk. You can add it to your daily intake of protein by consuming a warm glass of milk for breakfast.  

  • Protein Shakes 

Protein shales are said to do wonders when it comes to gaining weight. It is also said to be the most effective way to gain muscle. It is seen that the bodybuilders or the gym freaks are seen spending a lot on protein shakes that they consume after the gym and workout sessions. 

Try and go for the protein shakes that are not including extra sugar. There are many pieces of research that suggest that there are a number of artificial flavors so added to the shakes that are commercially sold in the market. So the best option is to make them at home. You can add fruits like bananas and mix some nuts in skimmed milk for better taste and a shake full of protein. 

  • Rice 

Rice contains a lot of calories and is great for gaining weight purposes. There is a very high amount of carbohydrates that are present only in one cup of rice. Also, it is an extremely calorie-dense food. Rice is said to make you eat a lot even when you don’t even feel hungry. 

There is another very effective way to consume protein by having rice frozen in portions and then adding vegetables or other protein options in them. You can also add other foods that are great in helping gain weight like cheese, scrambled eggs, peanuts, and even cashew nuts.

  • Nuts 

There should be an addition of nuts in every person’s diet as these can help you keep your body healthy overall. To gain weight it is very beneficial if you consume one handful of nuts that contain almonds, cashew nuts, figs, and walnuts. These also add fiber to your diet that is extremely essential for the proper working of the metabolism. 

You can take a handful in the morning or during the day as a snack. You can also add nuts to your smoothies, yogurt as well as crackers. You can also add peanut butter as it contains a number of calories that are extracted from the peanuts themselves. There are other nut butter choices also available in the market that you can opt for. 


Gaining weight is a big hassle for the ones who are struggling. But there are some food options that can help you immensely if you want to gain weight fast. Look at the above-mentioned foods if you want to gain weight and if there are other complications then consult your doctor before the consumption of these foods.

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