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A helping hand when you need it

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You will have access to life-enhancing programmes that will assist you in living your best life thanks to the assistance that Marston Living Retirement Living provides in terms of connecting you with the greatest health and wellness initiatives available. At any point in one’s life, having access to dependable health and wellness services is an absolute need. When you join a Marston Living community, you can expect to get assistance in locating the necessary services you need in order to live the life you deserve.

If residents need assistance gaining access to health and wellness services, the majority of villages maintain a list of care providers who are located in the surrounding region.

Researching the many kinds of services available may be a productive use of one’s time when done away from the village setting. Having someone else perform the research for you may assist you some much-needed peace of mind.

Domestic assistance, respite care, assistance with shopping, social support, food preparation, nursing, allied health services, aids and equipment are all examples of year-round services that we may be able to link you with via our network of providers.

The citizens of many smaller communities have access to the services of travelling medical professionals such as podiatrists and physiotherapists. Because of this, people are able to avoid travelling and instead stay in the community if necessary. It also provides them with the ease of being able to make their appointments, even when they have a packed schedule due to other commitments.

In addition to companies that offer medical care and domestic support, several Marston Living communities have formed partnerships with companies that provide emergency call systems of the highest calibre in order to install brand-new systems in residents’ homes. This system gives homeowners quick contact to trained operators, who are able to speak through a situation or take action to provide aid. This functionality is not limited to use during times of emergency.

There is a possibility that there may be a fee required to set up and maintain this system. It is often already included into the cost of the monthly service that is being charged.Call us anytime if you want to know more about retirement living.

Putting aside the expense, it is quite reassuring to know that you always have someone to contact in the event that you want assistance or are confronted with a crisis. The inhabitants’ family also have a lot more peace of mind because to the installation of emergency call systems.

The majority of Marston Living’s villages are situated in perfect locations inside flourishing local communities. This provides residents with the advantage of a helping hand whenever it is needed, in addition to the convenience of having transportation and stores located in close proximity. You may choose to remain in and follow the advice made by the community, go out and do your own thing, or see the healthcare provider of your choice. The decision is entirely in your hands… And being able to choose is really the most important thing.


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