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Why Aluminum Pulver is Almost Everywhere

by deny

Not many people understand how famous aluminum powder is. After all, aluminum is one of the most versatile metals in the world. Most industries use this affordable and lightweight metal.

Did you know that aluminum also possesses several health benefits? It doesn’t mean that you can eat it all the time or include it in your diet. But it’s more to the fact that many companies choose to have aluminum foil as part of the packaging.

Like many other metals, aluminum is necessary for the body as long as they are in a minuscule amount. The most common source of aluminum is in the water, which your kidney will process and quickly extract.

Why Aluminum Pulver?

Aluminum is one of the most common metals. And the process to make aluminum powder is by extracting the liquid aluminum through a high-pressure jet. Then they will collect the droplets and group them based on size and grade.

You can find powder ranging from 5 microns to 1000 microns, but the most common size is 6 to 35 microns. Each grade and size are to meet different industry needs. For example, the volatile small powder is more popular as an ingredient for explosives and fireworks.

Manufacturers are working on new technology and techniques to create the best droplets. They are working to create the best Aluminum powder to fit the various requirements. This covers differences in sizes, weight, and the possibility to create a new metal from the metallurgy.

Industry using Aluminum Powder

After you understand how to create an aluminum Pulver, you need to know which industries are using it. The automobiles and construction industries are the most popular ones that use aluminum powder in their works.

It’s true in a sense since both industries are the ones that mainly use aluminum. You can find the metal as a coating for the car parts. And the aluminum granule is also part of the mixture to create lightweight concrete.

Other industries that also use aluminum in their products are cosmetics, foundry, welding, and colorants. Using aluminum in a paint mixture can add gloss and emphasizes the colors. And this metal also adds protection against corrosion and temperature.

Wall paint is not the only product that uses aluminum as a colorant mixture. The printing and cosmetic industries also utilize aluminum features in their products. Like in painting, both industries use aluminum to highlight the colors. Of course, cosmetics use a much smaller amount than printing inks.

Now you know why it’s much easier to mention industries and products that have aluminum pulver metals than those that don’t. This metal is not only lightweight but also highly versatile. You can find it as a mixture of paint and concrete. And it’s also available in foil form for your meals and medicines. 

However, long exposure to aluminum won’t be good for your health. You have to be careful when handling the small granules due to their volatility. Therefore, make sure that you’re only working with vendors that comply with the health and safety regulations for their aluminum granules.

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