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Natural and cultivated pearls are an organic product. Consequently, they need the same care as the majority of other natural items in order to retain their attractiveness. How precisely do you maintain the condition of your pearls and pearl jewellery?

Avoid hot environments

The mother-of-pearl that encases a pearl is really composed of many tiny layers. These layers are kept together by a substance known as “conchine.” If a pearl is exposed to higher temperatures for an extended length of time, the conchine might dry out, negatively affecting the pearl’s colour and lustre. Therefore, preserve your pearls in a cool area (out of direct sunshine) and do not wear them when sunbathing.

Avoid chemical substances

The surface of a pearl is readily changed by chemicals. Consider detergents, cleaning goods, and the chlorine in swimming pools. However, cosmetics, perfume, and even sweat may destroy the covering of mother-of-pearl.

Prior to and after wearing pearls

If you want to wear pearls, ensure that you do so after bathing, after using hairspray or perfume, and after applying makeup. It is essential to clean pearl jewellery (particularly pearl earrings) using a gentle, wet towel after use. If required, you may clean your pearls with a little amount of alcohol to eliminate any debris or skin oil. Always return pearl jewellery to its original box, and never keep pearl jewellery with other jewellery to prevent scratches.

Regular upkeep of your pearl necklace

When you wear a pearl necklace, the moisture from your skin will hydrate the conchine in the pearls’ outer layers. Therefore, wear your pearl necklace at least twice or thrice year. This will prevent the pearls from drying out.

Pearl necklaces that are worn often should be washed with lukewarm water and a light detergent once or twice a year. Allow the necklace to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Additionally, it is recommended that you get your pearl necklace cleaned and the knots examined yearly by a jeweller or goldsmith.

Consider the following “rules of thumb” to maintain the beauty of your pearls:

• Regularly wear your pearl jewellery to prevent the mother of pearl layer from drying out.

• Keep your pearls away from cosmetic items, perfume, hairspray, cleaning agents, and other chemicals.

• Pearl jewellery should not be worn when bathing, showering, or swimming.

• Pearl jewellery should not be worn during activities that induce perspiration.

• Pearls should always be cleaned after being worn.

• Store your pearls in a separate jewellery box to prevent them from being scratched by other jewellery.

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