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What To Do With Wooden Pallets

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If you have lots of wooden pallets that you don’t need, you should think about all the options available to you before you throw them away. There are lots of ways that you can use these pallets or even dispose of them. You should definitely avoid throwing them in landfills since this is a waste and you’d even be throwing money away. 

Refurbishing & Return Programs

The best type of pallet disposal is through a pallet recycling program. These type of programs allow you to send the unwanted pallets to manufacturers. When you do so, you’d get credits that can be used for new pallets. Many manufacturers also offer refurbishing. You would be able to get your wooden pallets fixed and refurbished in order to have a better container for your products. When you choose to repair your pallets as oppose to getting new ones, this will help you to save a lot of cash. 

Additionally, the return programs increase the life of pallets which makes them more sustainable

Selling Pallets That Are Used

Another way to get rid of pallets is to sell them. There are many ways that you can sell these pallets. In many cases, you can sell your used pallets to pallet recycling companies. Alternatively, you can even sell them to various third party vendors. This will help you to regain some of your invested cash since they will basically repair the pallets and then sell them again. You can even sell your used pallets to scrap pallet buyers who sometimes buy them for the wood. 

Give Them Away

If you want to get rid of your wooden pallets, consider giving them away. If you have a warehouse filled with lots of old and used pallet that you need to dispose of quickly, consider giving them away to individuals and even companies who would be happy to have them. This is a great way to recycle which will assist the industry. If you need to get rid of the pallets quickly, simply put out an ad indicating they are free of charge. This will help to spread the word. You can even hire a wood pallet pickup service to reduce your removal costs. You can even potentially get rebates on pallets that can be resold.

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