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What is Property Cleaning for Builders

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Building Site Cleaning Services

Building Site Cleaning Services

Builders have a specific need for cleaners that are different from other businesses and residential cleaning jobs. As each space requires a deep clean upon completion, cleaners are required to remove any dirt and debris that remains from finishing construction, clean all windows and tracks, and prepare the building for those who will be moving in.


Cleaning a building site involved completing specialty cleaning services. There may remain some construction debris that requires vacuuming and sweeping; M&M cleaning in Adelaide offers a service package specifically for builders that can be booked for residential or commercial builders and includes many tasks that are specific to building sites. This is suitable for single-family homes, multi-family homes such as apartments, nursing homes or retirement villages, and estates with several homes. Commercial cleans are well suited to new hospitals, daycare centers, and more.


The entire building site is cleaned from the top of each room to the bottom, including all windows, walls, counters, floors of any flooring type, and all other surfaces. All the needed equipment is supplied along with the necessary tools, cleaning materials, and well-trained staff. Each building will be ready for occupation as soon as cleaning is completed.

Clean and Polish Post Construction

Once construction has been completed, there is a need to clean and polish the site before either residents or businesses can occupy it. Windows will require full cleaning, and any metal fixtures or finishes will require polishing. Each of the doorknobs and those on cabinets will all require cleaning and polishing. Each surface will have some form of dust or residue from the process; protective plastics or coatings will require removal, cleaning, etc.


Floors require cleaning to remove any footprints or dust that have accumulated throughout the finishing of the building and the removal of the construction equipment and tools. This will include scrubbing hard floors, polishing hardwood floors, and cleaning any carpet that has been installed.


Any food service buildings that are newly constructed will require a deep cleaning and sanitizing or disinfecting of all surfaces. Hiring a professional cleaning company that specializes in new builds will ensure that all safety codes for cleanliness are met and that the business is ready to open safely. This can require specialized experience; restaurants, hospitals, and offices for doctors or dentists all require additional care over other businesses.


Cleaning properties for builders is an important aspect of a commercial cleaning business as it requires added attention and takes longer than regular cleaning. When there are special circumstances such as food service, medical treatments, or increased safety concerns, it is vital to have a professional cleaning company that is experienced within the industry. They will provide the most efficient services, both for time and for successfully cleaning to the necessary standards. The more experienced cleaners and those who have the best training will do the work faster and with more attention to detail, resulting in a better experience for everyone.

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