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What Is ECU Remapping And Reasons To Get It Done

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Do you want to maximize your car’s performance and increase the efficiency of your car engine? If so, then maybe you should get your car’s ECU Remapping done. You can search for services of car inspection in Perth and get done with the remapping.

An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the computer that controls modern vehicle engines. Remapping, also known as chipping, is the modification or fine-tuning of the ECU to increase the engine’s performance and/or economy and provide greater torque and power output.

Let us know in detail what ECU Remapping actually does and how it helps uplift a car’s performance.

How Is ECU Remapping Done?

A car engine consists of an array of sensors that monitors the airflow, cranks positions and throttle and transfers them to the ECU through signals. The ECU then processes the information and performs its best per the driving conditions.

Depending on the ECU of a car, the remapping generally takes around 60 to 90 minutes, where a third-party software is installed onto the ECU replacing the factory default software. The new software is installed by connecting a laptop to the car’s OBD (on-board diagnostics) serial port. The software settings can be customized and tailored to each vehicle to get the optimum performance out of the engine.

Different ECU Set-ups

Different set-ups can be adopted while doing an ECU remapping, namely, Standalone ECU and Piggyback ECU. Let’s see how each of them works:


Standalone ECU

A standalone ECU totally replaces the factory ECU and runs everything as the factory ECU did. The functions may vary depending on the aftermarket ECU one chooses to install. Standalone ECUs are adjustable, very versatile and can be fine-tuned for specific engines.

Installing a standalone ECU is definitely a costly affair, but with the option of adding infinite modifications and tuning, it is an investment worth it.


Piggyback ECU

It is another ECU tuning set-up where the piggyback ECU is wired to work with the factory ECU. A Piggyback ECU generally comes at one-third the cost of a standalone ECU. With no modifications to the factory ECU or sensors, which is not the case in standalone ECUs, everything normally works just as it would with the factory ECU.

Reasons To Do Remapping

There are numerous reasons to justify the need to do ECU remapping of your car. Let’s go through some of them:

  • A car manufacturing company often uses a single map policy for all the cars it produces. It takes into consideration various climatic conditions, fuel quality and emissions, but these parameters hugely differ across various parts of the world. So, ECU remapping alters the parameters according to specific conditions to get the maximum performance out of a vehicle.
  • While achieving the appropriate balance between fuel consumption, fuel emissions, power, torque, reliability and service intervals, many manufacturers often overlook the power or torque of the engine. Remapping increases engine efficiency by altering these factors.
  • For Non-Turbo petrol engines, ECU remapping results in a 15-20% increase in torque and a 10-15% increase in power (bhp) throughout the rev range.
  • In Turbo petrol engines, the remapping increases the torque by 20-40% and the power (bhp) by around 20-30% throughout the rev range.
  • In Turbo diesel engines, the ECU remapping works best in increasing the performance. It increases the torque by 50-75% and the power (bhp) by 25-50% throughout the rev range.
  • The cars that come with turbochargers or superchargers fitted to the engine (most modern cars have these) benefit the most from ECU remapping. It is because the software primarily changes the fuel compression, boost pressure and fuel/air mix during the remapping.
  • The economy is improved following an ECU remapping, so providing better mileage.
  • Increased engine power means the acceleration will also be improved along with it.
  • Driving through town areas will get easier with fewer gear changes.
  • Depending on the ECU map that has been installed, several vehicles can benefit from an immobilizer mode and valet mode, which can be activated using a switch device.
  • Some special maps limit the vehicles’ speed limit to 70 mph so that the driver is prevented from breaking the speed limit in motorways.
  • Remapping improves the throttle response.
  • Improvement in ignition timing.
  • Improvement in precise control of fuel mixture.


The benefits and perks are higher than the risks involved in ECU remapping. If you are a Perth resident, go to an established car service centre that does the best ECU Remapping in Perth and get your vehicle remapped. It will not only increase your car’s performance and economy but will also benefit you in the long run. So, always get in touch with a professional mechanic who has years of experience and can offer you targeted assistance for ECU remapping. 

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