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Baby DogeCoin, a meme token, (hereinafter Baby Doge) can be an example of how capricious the crypto ecosystem can be.

We recently talked about AudioCoin, a crypto initiative that emerged in 2013. As of today, AudioCoin (ADC) is traded on only three exchanges. The world of music is wide enough that the AudioCoin project received the most support. Well, the support has been, unfortunately, scarce. AudioCoin was even once in league with singer Börjk’s online store. That didn’t seem to work either.

For all its age and effort, ADC is a long, long way from what Baby Doge has achieved. This cryptocurrency puppy (the new meme token in the dogecoin family), because he is only a few months old, is already available on 18 exchanges. Many are already talking about Baby Doge as the next meme token that could emulate the success of Dogecoin. Such is the effect that a tweet from Elon Musk can have when crypto sympathizes with him.

Baby Doge Super Star

Wow, Baby Doge has landed on all fours in the crypto world. It will be that very few can escape the charms of a puppy, even if it is digital. A long time ago (1996), when there were still a few saurians left on Earth, there was a little animal called Tamagotchi. Such Tamagotchis unleashed a furore everywhere.

They were virtual pets that had to be attended to. If you neglected your Tamagotchi, well, it would die. The buttons on the device allowed the digital animal to be fed. It is perhaps the same feeling that caught the owners of Tamagotchis, the one that now moves the followers of Baby Doge.

Furthermore, one of the central purposes of the token, according to its creators, is to help neglected pets through donations. Straight to the heart of the world’s pet-lovers, folks. It is that even CoinMarketCap has dedicated one of the longest and most complete reviews ever seen on the site. Without a doubt, Baby Doge is on the right track.

The cherry on the cake has been on behalf of the charismatic millionaire Elon Musk. An exact month after the birth of Baby Doge (June 1, 2021), the head of SpaceX gave him a tweet where he emulated the chorus of the song Baby Shark.

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Cryptocurrency Promises

Baby Doge has already been accused of lying big time about her goodness. And to minimize the advantages of other currencies, to make yourself look good. But the devil is in the details. Between what you offer and what you will actually give, the difference can be important.

But looking at their page, what they offer is a debit card. It is not even the card, but an application that will allow you to carry out some operations, such as buying and sending cryptos. But of payments in shops, nothing. Over the coming months, Baby Doge will deliver a native wallet. With it, users will be able to keep track of the benefits obtained by being BabyDoge owners.

Two other promises of the project are to open an online store, with merchandise alluding to the token. And a market of NFTs, where the same people in your community will be the creators and consumers. A percentage of the operations of this market will be dedicated to donations for institutions that help animals in need. Baby Doge has chosen the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network as its home.

The BabyDoge Token

The main advantage of the BabyDoge token is its microscopic price. At the time of writing, its price is USD 0.000000002032. It would be necessary to investigate how to pronounce such a tiny amount. What it is possible to know is that with just one dollar you can get almost 453 million tokens. Let’s remember how the Bitcoin epic began.

We have also seen that this is a currency spread over 18 exchanges, which gives it a lot of visibility. On the other hand, Baby Doge will charge every transaction on their network a 5% fee. Said commission will be distributed among all the owners of active tokens.

In order to preserve the value of the token, a “burn” system is in effect. With each transaction, a part of the fee collected goes out of circulation. So far, BabyDoge has a market capitalization of USD 545,932,325. The token will have a maximum issue of 420 thousand billion units.

The circulating supply exceeds 268 billion BabyDoges.

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