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What is a licensed Conveyancer?

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Licensed conveyancers are individuals who are specialist property lawyers. A licensed conveyancer deals with all the legal and financial requirements in buying or selling a property.

A licensed conveyancer may act on behalf of the seller or buyer and in certain circumstances, for both in the same transaction.

Some of the legal processes a licensed conveyancer follows are as follows: –

  • Drafting contracts
  • Reviewing contract packs, search results and mortgage documentation
  • Drafting contracts and transfers for signature
  • Exchanging contracts

A licensed conveyancer can also provide probate services depending on the experience they have accrued.

A licensed conveyancer predominantly works in a private client industry and due to the nature of work undertaken by a licensed conveyancer, they work alongside licensed probate and qualified solicitors.

A licensed conveyancer can also work in the following institutions: banks, building societies, property development companies, civil service departments, housing associations, local authorities – in corporate services, planning or legal departments, railways and airports.

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The role of a licensed conveyancer

As a licensed conveyancer, the key responsibilities include:

  • research information and communicate with clients and others in person, on the phone, by letter or by email
  • use a computerized case management system, as conveyancing tasks are increasingly being completed online
  • take instructions from clients
  • to protect clients’ interests at all times, while taking precautions against potential fraud and money laundering
  • send terms of business and estimates of fees and disbursements
  • obtain or check Land Registry documents or title deeds (if the land is unregistered)
  • draft or check sales contracts and agree terms with the conveyancer acting for the other party to the transaction
  • collate and send or check supporting legal and financial documents
  • deal with all financial aspects of a transaction
  • exchange contracts and complete the transaction

Thinking about making probably the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life? There are lots of factors to consider when you are looking to buy a house and what forms part of the conveyancing process and the role of a conveyancing expert in helping you move.

What is a Conveyancing Expert?

A Conveyancing expert undertakes the legal transfer of your property on your behalf and has experience in all aspects of conveyancing to assist your every need. There will be many options for you when looking at a Conveyancing Expert, ranging from your local family run firm, to high street firms, to larger countrywide firms or even online companies.

When choosing a Conveyancing Expert you first need to ascertain what you are looking for in terms of service? Are you looking for a Conveyancing Expert that you can arrange a weekly face to face meeting? Do you prefer email as a method of communication and being sent documents via an online portal?

The Role of a Conveyancing Expert

A conveyancing expert will carry out the legal work for you and work with you from the point of you finding a property to buy or finding someone to buy your property,  to the point of exchange and completion.

A conveyancing expert will take the time to ensure that you fully understand the legal aspects of the work involved and will aim to fully protect your interests.

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