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Visiting Disneyland Paris For Its 30th Anniversary Celebrations

Visiting Disneyland Paris For Its 30th Anniversary Celebrations

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The Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary has already kicked off on 6th March. The celebration features a lot of new decorations, attractions, entertainment, rides, shows, merchandise, and a lot more. So, here we will talk to you about all the festivities and the places you must visit on your holidays to Disneyland Paris for its anniversary celebration. 

Be a part of the new daytime show.

For the 30th anniversary celebration, Disneyland Paris has introduced a new daytime show called “Dream and….Shine Brighter.” This show will be performed at the Central Plaza in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle several times a day. There will be three different things to celebrate the power of passion, dreams, and laughter. There will be over 30 different Disney characters and dancers dancing to the unique soundtrack of Disney. They will also entertain you to the fullest and allow you to create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Visit Disneyland Paris during the night:

There will be a special show at nighttime that will occur before the Disney illuminations show. This show is called the Disney D-Light. It will combine illuminated water jets, video projections, lighting effects, and the Disney theme song. The Drone choreography will add a special touch to the 30th-anniversary celebration. This show will take place above the Sleeping Beauty Castle, which will transform the castle like never before. So, if you are visiting Disneyland Paris for its anniversary celebration, then this is one such show that you cannot miss witnessing.

Take a tour of the gardens of wonder:

The Gardens of wonder comprising 10 different theme gardens, will be decorated in a completely new way for the anniversary celebration. These gardens are installed in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and they are beautifully decorated with 30 different art pieces. The Gardens of wonder reflect excellent craftsmanship, and they will take you into the world of Disney in no time at all. You will be able to witness some of the most realistic characters of Sisu, Mushu, and The Last Dragon there. You will also be able to watch the 3D Modelling and handmade productions near the Sleeping Beauty castle.

Enjoy the food and shop from the stores:

If you are visiting Disneyland Paris during its celebration time, you should also try to taste the food and beverage there. Over 60 new dishes and desserts will be offered to the guests in the various restaurants. This includes the white chocolate and strawberry cake, and other delicacies. You will be able to give your taste buds a real treat by enjoying at the Disney-themed restaurant. There will also be over 63 shops and boutiques from where you can shop for merchandise. Over 350 exclusive items have been added to the stores for you.

So, give Disneyland Paris a visit during the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary celebration. You may also book your trip with us.


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